Ras Al Khaimah police demand that traffic rules be followed

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The Ras Al Khaimah Police Department of Traffic and Patrol urged drivers and road users to comply with traffic laws and regulations, in order to improve road safety and reduce traffic accidents, on the occasion of the International Day of Road Accident Victims.

Brigadier Ahmed Saeed Al Naqbi, Head of the Traffic and Patrol Department at Ras Al Khaimah Police, said during the opening of the Mini Traffic Exhibition at Manar Mall, with the participation of the strategic partners – Saed Traffic Systems, Department of Community Police, Tourist Police and Manar Commercial Center. that the United Arab Emirates has given road safety great interest and feels the importance of conserving the state’s human and financial resources, without which we can not get up and move on and keep pace with the development process.

Increase awareness

Brigadier Al Naqbi explained that the purpose of celebrating this occasion is to spread traffic awareness about the importance of cooperation to improve existing procedures to reduce traffic accidents, raise awareness of road safety standards and emphasize the need for coordinated action and reduction of traffic accidents.

He urged drivers and road users to follow the rules of traffic and traffic laws and to improve road safety, such as following the legal speed, avoiding using the phone while driving and leaving sufficient distance while driving, and explained that the application of road safety rules is a tribute to the victims of traffic accidents.

Brigadier General Al-Naqbi, along with a number of officers from the traffic and patrol department, visited the traffic accident victims at Saqr Hospital to check on their health.


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