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Ray Observations: Minnesota Designer Study Whiskey-makers and farmers expand on how much they think about ingredients


I reported three years ago, including the expansion of craft design in Minnesota Far North Spirits, A small whiskey brewery near the town of Halock, a town of 900 people in the northwest corner.

After years of working in the Twin Cities, Michael Swanson and Cherry Reyes opened up the far north of Swanson Family Farm in 2013. They grow their own cereals and sell their whiskey at wholesalers – from restaurants in Minnesota to restaurants in New York.

by the time The story Run, Swanson and Reese were in the midst of a five-year study on rye-funded rye by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Released in mid-April The results of the study, Held with Joe Wermerma, Small Grain Specialist at the University of Minnesota-Crookston.

The main drawback: The rye used in whiskey can play a role in the taste. This is especially important for escorts because rye grains are generally mixed together on a grain elevator and do not take into account their type.

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The study received some attention in the glittering world, including history in the “inside” Food and wine Refers to the “land discovery” in the study. Swanson has also participated in some podcasts about whiskey and will present the results at the next two industry conferences.

I recently spoke with Rice about the study. Our following discussion has been adapted for short and clear

Min Post First, how were the North’s spirits possessed during the COVID epidemic?

Cherry Riz Well, it was a mixture of guilt and relief for us. Because we were where we were, we did not have much disruption to our daily lives and to our work. Our work continued with the spirits, so for a few months we did handicrafts. Although very few here, it has not changed much of our lifestyle. As you know, the liquor stores were very busy (during the outbreak), so our (2020) sales were going to go up with 2019.

Parliament What do you hope to see the results of this study?

CR: The article on Food and Wine is entitled “This Minnesota Broadcast is Changing Whiskey Talk.” Often the discussion is about aging and perhaps water, but in reality it is about aging and barrels. The longer (the time spent in the barrel) the better. We are trying to get people to focus on the realities and look at the grapes in the way that wine producers look at grapes.

Far North Spirits

Michael Swanson and Cherry Reese In 2013, they opened up the Far North.

Parliament So, how did you conduct this study?

CR: We grew oats on our land. To prevent cross-vibration, we used 15 one-hectare plots to separate 66 feet each. In three years we have grown and collected a total of 15 different varieties of rye. We put the white dilatera in clean bottles, placed it in front of people, and tasted it blind. They present a one-to-five number effect on clarity, orality, and the like. And we asked them to comment on what they tasted.

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Parliament About 200 people participated in the whiskey experiment. Who were these people?

CR: Some locals. But also, people from a business association in Portland, Oregon; Our New York distributor; Chicago Bar Publishers – From Micah’s father, Charlie, to the president of the American Craft Spirit Association.

Parliament So, again, the main point is that this accompaniment will give more information to the destroyers about how to use whiskey for different flavors. Is that true?

CR: Expanding what losers and whiskey makers can do is definitely part of it. But we are also interested in what farmers can do, especially Minnesota farmers in the Red River Valley. Is there a way to grow a variety that can be purchased at large quarries to get a better price for their grain?

Each single barrel in the study contained different aging aggregates.  In 2019 and 2020, the so-called Seed Volt series, like Rocknar, was released 100%.

Far North Spirits

Each single barrel in the study contained different aging aggregates. In 2019 and 2020, the so-called Seed Volt series, like Rocknar 100, was released.

Take Indiana MGP. They are buying from grain traders in northern Europe. We now (to the designers) ask, “Why aren’t American grains counted among these American varieties of figs?” We can say. Let’s get American grains in the hands of explorers.

Parliament What about the spirits of the Far North? Did you make a new whiskey based on what you learned in the study?

CR: Hazlet has become our favorite signature. It has a nice, thick vanilla tone. Now we plan to release Muscutter two years from now. [Hazlet and Musketeer are types of rye.] So, yes, we plan to focus on the grain, let’s focus on what it tastes like.

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