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Raymond Brown Quarry Products Ltd’s plan to expand mine near Romsey sparks fear over noisy machines


plans to expand the mine near romsey The U.S. has raised fears over the noisy machines – a local authority has warned that it could affect some residents, a new report has found.

Application submitted by Raymond Brown Quarry Products Ltd. seeks to expand the Roque Manor mine at Salisbury Road, Shootash.

According to a document submitted to Hampshire County Council (HCC), if given the green light, about 600,000 tonnes of sand and gravel would be removed from Stanbridge Ranvilles Extension.

Work on the site will begin at 7 am and end at 6 pm from Monday to Friday, while on Saturdays it will start at 8 am and end at 12.30 pm.

According to TVBC’s Environment, a Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) document revealed the estimated level of noise “will be up to 18 dB above the current background sound level”. Health Manager, Mark Lee.

He warned that this indicates a “very significant impact and very worrying”, adding noise will sometimes be “much above the guideline limit of up to 10 dB above background”.

Mr. Lee emphasized properties that can hear more than 10 dB are 2 Roque Manor Farms Cottages, Croylands and Troy House.

He believed that the hardest house would be Crowlands, explaining that “noise levels of up to 18 dB above earth are expected during soil stripping and 14 dB above background during other operations”.

The health manager has now urged Raymond Brown Quarry Products to explore ways to control noise at the mine, suggesting they may use a higher dam before the noise limit is set.

However, Mr. Lee said he is satisfied with the options that can be used to control dust at the site, but added that this depends on “good management on an ongoing basis”.

It comes after furious residents rejected the proposals, with one man claiming that three 200-year-old oak trees would be cut down.

Others fear they will be forced to endure noisy machines for hours at work and some believe that if the plans go ahead, mud piles will ruin the view from a popular sidewalk .

However, a spokesman for Raymond Brown Quarry Products Ltd insisted that the extension would be safe for their employees for another five years.

He said: “The extension area has approximately 600,000 tonnes of high quality sand and gravel which, if approved, would secure the supply of aggregates for local construction projects and the livelihoods of our employees for an additional five years.

“[…] There is a clear and pressing need for additional mineral deposits to support the wider economy in this particular part of the county, and Roke Manor Quarry is ideally placed to meet local demand.”

He added: “The proposed expansion has been carefully designed to minimize the impact on both the environment and the local community and, upon restoration, will return to agriculture with enhanced wildlife habitat, exceeding national standards for a biodiversity net benefit. ”

The deadline for the public to comment on the application is Friday, June 11, according to HCC.

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