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Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus should fear sanctions, claims Javier Tebasa


Javier Tebas has said that Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus should fear the consequences of UEFA’s disciplinary proceedings against him. This comes in light of an unsuccessful attempt to create a European Super League with three European giants still part of the breakaway league.

In one of the worst football moments, real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus Be adamant about the unprecedented success that the implementation of the Super League will bring to the rest of football. However the other nine founders, including the Big 6 of the Premier League and AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid The overwhelmingly negative backlash has all pulled back from the failed attempt, with only Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus still on board.

This has seen UEFA take action against them european footballThe U.S. governing body initiated disciplinary proceedings, although all three have claimed that they would appeal against any decision taken by the disciplinary body. However, in light of the same, Javier Tebas warned against the trio and admitted that they need to be afraid of what UEFA might do. league The president and member of the UEFA Executive Committee also said that UEFA may choose to drop Barca and Real Madrid from the Champions League.

“The ones to be afraid are Real Madrid and Barcelona. I don’t want to imagine the Champions League without them but it could happen. More than a sanction, UEFA could choose not to register Madrid and Barca as champions. I think That they may be released. They should be afraid.” The idea of ​​a Super League has been Real Madrid president Florentino Perez’s dream for some time, it is not a COVID issue he has tried to sell. The concept is not dead. They want everything to revolve around the big clubs and have other extras, take a knee,” Tebas said, as reported by ESPN.

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