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Real people, real lanyards, real sandwich plates … and no James Corden • The Registration


Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual tech jamboree, is back, in person and breeding it.

SaaSy CRM firm CEO Marc Benioff “couldn’t be more excited” to tell the world the legendary event will continue in 2021 with real people, lanyards around necks, standing around tables of the conference buffet contemplating recycled meat with no visible fact.

Along with San Francisco, New York, Paris and London, Salesforce is set to bring a new meaning to viralization with an expanded itinerary designed to make up for the pointless James Cordon-hosted schmaltz-festival that is 2020 online events.

The beardy CEO declared in an analyst call that the events would be “an incredible family reunion.”

All attendees need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and Salesforce is working with local planning officials, he said.

Benioff is also pleased with the gradual return to office life, led by Volunteer Vaccinated Cohorts, prompted in April.

Ignoring warnings about the casual take on Hawaiian culture, Benioff told analysts: “Just, you know, it’s an emotional moment to find out that, we’re back and that our Ohana is back in the offices and we’re opening up.”

Meanwhile, the company last night reported earnings in the first quarter [PDF] of $ 5.96bn, up 23 per cent a year earlier. The company expects Q2 revenue of $ 6.22bn to $ 6.23bn reflecting 21 per cent annual growth.

At the same time, it fixed the full year operating margin to 18 per cent from 17.7 per cent while raising the revenue guide by $ 250m. CFO Amy Weaver said the decision assumes the return of some, but not all, business travel in a year, while the decision to raise the revenue guide for 2022 reflects Q1 performance.

“Our impressive start to fiscal ’22 has positioned us well for the rest of the year, and keeps us on track to achieve our $ 50bn goal. [revenue] by fiscal ’26, ”he told analysts. ®

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