Recent Chronicle Profile: Point Guard Jeremy Roach should be a very different player

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The latest Duke profile from Chronicle is by point guard Jeremy Roach.

Last year, he was inconsistent especially from the three-point line, but we expect him to improve significantly this season for several reasons.

  1. Last year, Duke was generally far behind because of Covid, and he did not get the early work a beginner usually gets.
  2. He was still working on getting over the knee injury he sustained in high school
  3. We are sure he will improve and has put in the work

All of these things are going to work to make him better, and as the Chronicle points out, the overall quality of his teammates has improved, which will make his job a lot easier.

As for his three-point shooting, it should also be improved. At the end of last season, he already showed signs of improvement and we expect it to continue this year as well.

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