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Relieve Birthday Boy Galam West’s Most Beautiful Baby Pictures


Happy birthday Psalm West!

Today is a particularly sweet Mother’s Day Kim Kardashian Because his youngest is celebrating his second birthday.

As far as we can tell, there aren’t two terrible ones! Psalms and older siblings Chicago, The answer And Saint This is a big happy brood as evidenced by the adorable snapshots that Kim shared on social media.

Even Kim recorded the first steps of the psalm in June 2020! The mother of four is always revolving around how sweet her little one is, she says! In an exclusive interview last year, it was reported that Psalm, “He is probably the happiest child alive.

The founder of SKIMS and KWW Beauty has shared many of her adorable moments with her fans, lucky to be singing a rain song to break up two pictures of her with older brother St. or videos of her older sister Chicago, with BFF’s snapshots of the song’s “Best”. True Thompson.

“Sisalmi you complete our family,” Kardashian titled a video of her youngest in May 2020. “You make everything perfect.”

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