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The Morrison Government welcomes the publication of the Report on the Study of the Aged Care Act (1997), a vital overview of Australia’s aged care system.

Greg Hunt, Minister for Health and Aged Care, and Richard Colbeck, Senior Minister for Australians and Aged Care Services, said the report provides key insights into the industry’s operations during the 2020-21 fiscal year.

More importantly, it details the challenges faced by senior Australians and the aged care sector in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and highlights critical responses by the Government in responding to these challenges.

It includes an overview of systems and resources, service delivery from community care to permanent care, services to people with different needs, and the provision of regulatory and prudent frameworks to ensure that consumers receive high-quality services.

“The past year has been extraordinarily difficult for all Australians as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to consume our daily lives,” said Minister Hunt.

“The impact of the virus has been felt especially by people separated from loved ones living in privately owned aged care facilities due to visitor restrictions necessary to save and protect lives.

“The Morrison Government has worked to support the industry through the pandemic to protect the most vulnerable.”

Minister Hunt said more than $2.1 billion in aged care special measures has been provided to support aged care providers and staff in private facilities and ensure quality of care.

“This support was extensive and included improved infection control management and training, workforce support and extra funding to cover the rising costs of care for older Australians during the pandemic.

“We have invested in additional funding to better communicate with older Australians and their families, as well as further support for their mental health and well-being,” said Minister Hunt.

Minister Colbeck said the government was responding swiftly and decisively to the Royal Commission’s final report on Quality and Safety of Aged Care, with a comprehensive $17.7 billion package, while managing the immediate threat from COVID-19.

“Based on this reform are the principles of genuine two-way engagement with all interested parties, with a commitment to absolute transparency in reporting from providers to strengthen financial oversight of the aged care sector,” said Minister Colbeck. said.

“Strong, independent oversight of the system is essential for good governance and transparency.

“Progress has been made on five pillars of reform, including the launch of an average of 3,000 home care packages each week, and a significant reduction in waiting times for higher-care packages.

“New legislation that will enable risk-based assurance reviews of 500 home care providers every 12 months will also improve the safety and quality of services provided to older Australians.”

Minister Colbeck said a Engagement Center has been established to facilitate easier access to information on progress for consumers, their families and caregivers, the workforce and the industry at large.

The government has also committed $262.5 million to ensure that the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is well equipped to maintain the quality, safety and integrity of aged care services and can effectively address any failures in care.

“Our commitment to the well-being of senior Australians and to the integrity of the aged care system is absolute,” said Minister Colbeck.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the industry to implement reforms that will enable Australia’s aged care system to lead the world now and in the future.”

The full report can be found on the GEN Aged Care Data website, Here.

GEN is Australia’s only central, independent repository of national aged care data, managed and regularly updated by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

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