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Report: Trump closed his blog after a month because so many people were making fun of it


back in March, then Donald Trump Was banned from Facebook and Twitter incite a rebellion, his spokesperson Jason Miller appeared on Fox News and declared The following: “We’re going to see President Trump return to social media with his own platform in about two or three months… This is something that I think will be the hottest ticket in social media, it’s totally The game is about to redefine, and everyone is waiting and seeing what exactly President Trump does. But it will be his own platform…. Not much further than what I was able to share But I can say that once that starts it will be big. He has had many high-powered meetings with some teams of people in Mar-a-Lago, and… it’s only one company. There’s no one who has approached the President, there have been many companies. But I think the President knows where he wants to go here and this new platform is going to be big and everybody wants him, that millions- He is going to bring crores, lakhs of people to this new platform.

With such a huge pitch, you might have expected the former president to unveil a social network that at least appears to be more robust than a simple blog on his website, but is, in fact, Trump’s “social media”. But return” is exactly that. Entered ”with its own platform. It was called “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump,” and the reason we’re talking about it in the past is because just a month after it launched, the former president’s blog, where followers generally unrelated statements on him growing legal problem, has been discontinued. And not only shut down, but clear out old posts, depriving supporters of an archive from scrolling through a particularly difficult time, when they wanted to be reminded that “nearly 75 million” people voted for them. given (yet he still lost the election).

Why the sudden departure? However, this is a difficult time for many media companies. Washington Posthandjob Trump closed up shop because so many people were appropriately making fun of it. Besides, it was almost no readers:

Trump rolled out the blog last month after being absent from social media since January, but his attempt to regain some of the attention he received with his headline-grabbing tweets largely failed. a consultant told Washington Postof Josh Dawsi That the former president wanted to open a new “platform” and didn’t like that the platform was being ridiculed and had very few readers. The person spoke openly about Trump’s plans on condition of anonymity.

According to Washington Post Analysis Published last month, the post “From Donald J. Trump’s Desk,” as of mid-May, was shared on Facebook “on average less than 2,000 times a day — a staggering drop from last year, when his Facebook page posted tens of thousands of comments. Millions of comments, shares and other interactions every week. In other words, his blog is a “stone-cold loser”, which you might have thought would turn into a hate-click, but apparently it didn’t either.

Of course, ask Miller and it’s just a strategic repositioning and Trump is going to be big on the internet again soon, or something. In a sad, nonsensical statement, he told CNBC: “It was helpful to our wider effort and we are working on it. More information about the broader effort is expected soon, but I’m not sure about the time.” is not.”

as huffpost famous In its eulogy, “‘From Donald J. Trump’s Desk’ Before Death” by several of its siblings: “Trump Airlines, Trump Beverages, Trump: The Game, Many Trump Casinos, Trump Magazine, Trump Hostages, Trump Steaks , a Trump travel website, Trump Telecom, Trump University and Trump Vodka.”

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Texas bill would ban teaching about America’s racist past and present

Giving children historically accurate information about the country they live in? He can’t be in the Lone Star State! Per Washington Post:

Crying to counter “Critical Race Theory” under the Culture War—an academic framework centered on the idea that racism is systemic, not just a collection of personal prejudices—lawmakers backed an extraordinary intervention in classrooms across Texas. is. His plan would impose restrictions on how teachers discuss current events, prevent students from receiving course credit for civic engagement and, in the words of advocates, bolster the role of “traditional history” by emphasizing the nation’s noble ideals restore to the correct place of primacy. Rather than fail to live up to their age-old record. “We Must Teach American History,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) recently told an interviewer with Sinclair Broadcasting. “We must not teach that people are somehow unequal.”


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