Request for ‘appropriate consultation’ on extension of potential vaccination passport

An organization representing nearly 200 pubs, restaurants and hotels across Scotland called for “intensive” and “appropriate” industry advice, including the potential for Government support on the potential extension of the vaccination passport to all indoor hospitality venues.

Stephen Montgomery of the Scottish Hospitality Group (SHG) said it has already invested heavily in measures to ensure its members are safe in their spaces, including better ventilation, hand sanitizer and the requirement to wear masks. After First Deputy Secretary John Swinney confirmed yesterday that the Scottish Government “cannot rule out” long-term use of vaccination passports, Mr Montgomery said SHG’s priority is to ensure their venues remain open and “remain safe environments for our customers”. . .

SHG, which was created last year after a curfew was introduced to control the spread of Covid, had previously taken legal action against the Government’s restrictions on licensed trade. Scotland’s current Covid measures will be reviewed next Tuesday.


“We expect the Scottish Government to work constructively, intensively, in appropriate consultation with our industry, on the extension of vaccination passports to all indoor accommodation,” Montgomery said. Said.

“We hope this will include discussion of appropriate Government support for additional staff and costs as many businesses in the hospitality industry are currently struggling to cope with the financial burden of the pandemic and an acute recruitment crisis.”

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament yesterday, Mr Swinney told MSPs that no final decision had been made but stressed that Covid remains at an “worryingly high” level.

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“As we want to avoid tougher restrictions, we cannot ignore the strengthening of the core measures currently in place as the best way to eliminate the possibility of any future quarantines… the Covid certification scheme to cover more settings such as indoor accommodation and entertainment settings.” said.

“Among other possible interventions, we’re investigating how we can help improve ventilation, what we can do to increase work at home, and whether changes are needed to expand the use of face coverings.”

Elgin’s Gordon & MacPhail hails US breakthrough as profits rise


Historic Scotch whiskey mixer and distiller GORDON & MacPhail is enjoying a “double win” in a key US market as new figures reveal it has boosted sales and profits against the backdrop of the pandemic in its most recent fiscal year.

Ewen Mackintosh, managing director of the Elgin-based company, said the suspension of five-year tariffs on single malts in the US and the end of Scotch distillers’ obligation to export 75cl bottles to the US will raise prospects at the industry’s largest company. overseas market.

North Sea oil platforms could support a geothermal energy boom


EXPERTS have warned that by failing to maximize the UK’s geo-energy potential, it may miss an opportunity to develop a clean, unrestricted source of power in the North Sea.

The Shift Geothermal organization, created by academics and Scottish energy industry veterans, says the North Sea would be an ideal place to generate energy using the heat generated below the earth’s surface.