Response from Strictly Come Dancing’s Dan Walker after he said viewers should be eliminated

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Strictly Come Dancing’s Dan Walker gave a heartwarming response after viewers said he should be eliminated.

The final episode of the show featured Adam Peaty, the sixth celebrity to be kicked out of the show on Sunday.

However, there were many viewers who followed the show after claiming it. BBC Breakfast star Dan and his partner Nadiya Bychkova should withdraw from the show.

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People pointed out that some of the eliminated contestants avoided the dance despite scoring higher than him.

But Dan spoke about the allegations today, saying, “I had a conversation with a cute guy named Cecil in the park on Sunday while walking my dog.”

He explained that Cecil was a widower who danced with his wife, but did not dance after she died.

Then he said, ‘I watched’. definitely this year for the first time in a long time. Watching you and Nadiya is like the pleasure you get from dancing even though you’re not a dancer, you’ve never danced this before. I loved watching this.'”

“That’s the point of the show, isn’t it?” said Walker.

Dan also posted on Instagram from a tabloid newspaper, “How is TV Dan still on the show?” He shared a response by posting a clip asking.

“I’m not sure but we are incredibly grateful for all the support and it’s a real privilege to be a small part of the greatest show on television,” she captioned the photo. “I know articles like this are due to a few comments on social media, but every week I get thousands of messages from people who love the show and really enjoy watching @nadiyabychkova teach me how to dance.”

“When I watched Strictly in the past, I always liked to see great dancers, but also people who learned to love it and worked hard to improve it every week. This is not a TV show and a world championship.

“I never thought I could do some of the things Nadiya taught me. It gave me a confidence that I thought was way beyond. I just want to learn as much dance as possible.”

“No matter who you vote for this weekend… I hope you enjoy the show,” he concluded. “I’ll keep doing it with a big smile on my face.”

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