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Results and Review – 2021 Canaan Slalom and Olympic Qualifiers


Results & Review – 2021 Canoe Slalom Europeans and Olympic Qualifix, International Canoe Slalom season begins on May 6The tenth With the European Canoe Slalom Championship 2021.

Not only an elite-level tournament, the event was the European Continental Olympic Qualifiers, with one Olympic venue to capture all of 4 The disputed groups in the event. The newly selected Irish team was full of installer International performers eager to enter the battle for Tokyo’s final Olympic piers, the full Irish team roster can be found Here.

The main categories that Ireland was chasing qualification were K1 Men (Samuel Curtis, Noel Hendrick, Alistair McCreery), K1 Women (Hannah Craig and Madison Corcoran) and C1 Women (Michaela Corcoran). Across all races in these categories, the much narrower is seen in the K1 Men, as the Olympic spot fell on the wire between Noel Hendrick and Krysztof Majerczak from Poland. After an impressive performance in the qualifying rounds, Noel Hendrik once again climbed to the occasion with an even more impressive race, marking the remaining athletes seeking to qualify for the Olympics to chase them. Athlete after athlete came down in the competition for the Tokyo spot and finished behind Noel In order, with the agonizing wait with Majirzak from Poland approaching, the latter An athlete running on the Olympic pier, storming the track to claim a qualifying position. While the final goal of the Olympics was never reached, it was nothing short of an impressive performance by the young athlete, as he made a statement regarding his current and future form.

In the Olympic fight of the K1 Women race, Hannah Craig’s Experience (London 2012 Olympics) was the closest to Ireland. With Hannah’s final setting of 32Second abbreviation To be just 0.8 seconds from a place in the semi-finals, and a chance to race against Niemi Brindel of Switzerland for last place in qualification.

C1 Women featured a similar story, as Michaela Corcoran incurred a 50-second penalty kick to knock her out of the race for Olympic spot in her class.

Outside of the Olympic Games qualification battle, Ireland has already confirmed that 2021 Olympic Liam Jeju was at the top of Ireland’s men’s roster in C1. Liam showed his harsh winters from training with a score of 10.The tenth He put in the playoff rounds, and was subjected to penalties in the semi-finals to finish 30thThe tenth In general for this event. The C1 Men also fought a brave battle to defend their silver medal from the last years Euros, finishing 5The tenth His place in the final, just two seconds away from the penalty spot on the podium.

2021 Canaan Slalom European Championship and Olympic Qualifiers

Full results –

K1 men

Noelle Hendrick – twenty-fourth

Alistair McCreary – 37th place

Samuel Curtis – 44

K1 women

Hannah Craig – 32

Madison Corcoran – 34

C1 women

Michaela Corcoran – 35

C1 Men

Liam Jeju – 30

Robert Hendrick – 32

Jake Cochran – 38

LiveScores is now available on IrishScores.com

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