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Retail sales were flat in April


The epidemic is severe Modified consumer behavior. During the epidemic, food prices have skyrocketed, and clothing expenditures have been declining, with the cost of outdoor activities and home improvements rising. As you get vaccinated – more 58% of adults You’ve got at least one shot – and in hot weather, the retail industry is waiting to see if costs return to pre-season.

Last year, LLC, one of the American retailers, when it came to shopping for comfortable clothes, outdoor furniture and home furnishings, saw a sharp increase in monthly sales and foot traffic in 2019 compared to 2019. But the retailer is also worried about how it will come in the middle of the year, including the holiday season.

“There is a lot of stimulus in the market right now, there is a lot of disposable income, there is a lot of room for it,” said LL Bean CEO Stephen Smith. “We are seeing travel start and people go back to dinner and start building some entertainment. But overall, money is still flowing into retail. “When more Americans receive vaccines, money can start flowing into” destinations, airlines and other events, “he said.

Broadly speaking, many retailers, including LLC, feel it would be easier to spend money in the United States because of the convenience of getting vaccines back in stores and recurring events on calendars.

Eti recently reported that wedding-related sales had increased by more than 40 percent in the first quarter, while clothing retailer Revolve said it was seeing a “strong attire” due to demand for special events, including wedding ceremonies and graduation ceremonies. Viral humor on social media reflects the effectiveness of the vaccine that some young people feel in the summer Merchandise Announcing the start of “Shot Girl Winter” or that they are “Vacqued”

Mr Smith, who last year saw an increase in demand for “shoes” such as “shoes”, is seeing a new interest in halls, oxford shirts and other clothing.

“People seem to be cleaning themselves up a bit,” he said. Items with buttons and zippers are starting to sell faster than items with flexible and cord holders. ”

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