May 9, 2021


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Revealed, secret vaccines provide access to vaccines in India

Ministers have secretly allowed AstraZeneca to use the UK supply chain to produce millions of doses from India to produce code-19 vaccines for Australia. Telegraph.

According to several sources, the Anglo-Swedish company has been given time to use its domestic production capacity to produce at least 717,000 jabs for its close partners in a move that could intensify the vaccine dispute with the European Union.

At least two supplies were delivered to Australia in February and March – when Brussels began to install vaccine export controls and demanded that the UK divert some of it to the Union. Complete short compensation from AstraZeneca.

It has a government He repeatedly rejected the requests, The company’s British contract contains provisions to prevent it from exporting UK-produced goods to the European Union.

However, although the British arrangements were kept secret, the Telegraph reported that Astrazeneka had been given permission to send to Australia earlier this year.

Instead, Britain is the world’s largest vaccine producer and a Manufacturer of AstraZeneca jab.

The proposed British contract would allow the company to purchase quantities from overseas and correct any deficiencies in its domestic supply.

According to experts in the Convention, Australia has already received the vaccine; England, on the other hand, continued to accept the amount needed to achieve its goals.

It did not change the total number of vaccines The UK is about to take over from Astrazenica, Still stands at 100 million.

The United Kingdom received 5 million Indian malaria cases in March, although it is unlikely that India will now agree to export the remaining half of the more than 350,000 new cases a day.

It is still unclear whether Australia is the only country that has benefited from such an arrangement, as officials from both the UK and the Australian government have refused to comment on the matter.

However, Boris Johnson has confirmed that the UK will share most of the future coronavirus vaccine in the future, in an international approach aimed at helping poor countries get the jazz vaccine.

The UK has ordered several vaccines manufacturers with a total of 517 million doses, enough to provide two and a half to three doses to the general population.

The European Commission is currently suing Brussels over alleged supply delays by the European Commission.

The company strongly denies this and stipulates that it must “do its best” to comply with the agreement with Brussels.

On Wednesday, EU lawyers also reiterated their call for the UK to start sending UK-made vaccines to Strasneca for the first time in January.

The union’s inclusion of two British plants in the contract means the company is required to comply. However, Astrazeneka says he has no obligation to do so.

The first details of the Australian deal were released on April 8, when the Sydney Morning Herald reported that 717,000 UK-produced goods had been exported from Britain.

The first dose of 300,000 He landed at Sydney International Airport on February 28, and in March, an additional large passenger plane arrived at the Emirates.

It comes just weeks after the European Union imposed restrictions on the export of vaccines produced in the EU.

The second was after Brussels routinely blocked Astrazenica’s application to send 250,000 doses to Italy.

Astrazeneka declined to comment when approached by the Telegraph.

A government spokesman said: “The UK is proud to play a leading role in the development and distribution of CV-19 vaccines as it is a global effort.

The details of any commercial vaccination agreement between the national governments and Astrazenica are for commercial purposes and for both parties.