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Review – BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool


On May 13, 2021, I participated in a virtual event organized by BIOHM Health. He was hosting the event to discuss the launch of his gut assessment tool.

Who is BioHM Health?

First, I want to give you some background information on who the company is and what they actually do.

Dr. Ghanoum founded BioHM Health after his breakthrough discovery that bad bacteria and bad fungi work together to cause digestive imbalances. Dr. Ghanoum realized that today’s probiotics were not specifically engineered to address the role of fungi in digestion. Health.

BIOHM is the first total microbiome company with a simple goal to engineer elegant products and services that address the total microbiome of both bacteria and fungi. This will provide consumers with the ability to maintain overall digestive health.

Why is digestive health important?

The digestive system plays an important role in your overall health and well-being. It brings nutrients to your body. According to NYU Lagoon HealthThe gut is one of the main disease-fighting systems of the human body. First, acids and enzymes stomach They work to disinfect our food and thus protect the body from disease and infection. along with digestion path is a important Source of immune function in the body.

What are the benefits of having a healthy gut?

  • Promotes a strong immune system
  • improve heart health
  • promotes brain health
  • better mood
  • improve your sleep
  • improve your digestion
  • help prevent some cancers
  • Help prevent autoimmune diseases

How can the BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool improve your overall digestive health?

  • There are some questions in the survey.
  • The survey takes approximately two minutes to complete.
  • Once they have completed the questions, they will be briefed about the possibility of their gut imbalance.
  • This is referred to as their Affiliate Gut Score™. referred to as
  • test will be able to determine if they are likely to have high levels candida compared to levels normally found in the gut.

Users can log on guttesting.com To answer a small range of demographic, health, lifestyle and dietary questions.

“GutTesting.com is the natural evolution of BIOHM Health by turning large microbiome data and metadata into actionable insights that daily consumers can use for free to better understand their gut health.

What happens after you complete the BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool?

Once the survey is complete, the participant is told whether they are statistically more likely to have an imbalanced microbiome in their gut and/or a gut score range with higher levels of Candida.

Participants also receive dietary recommendations to implement as part of a holistic approach to the gut. Health Customization.

This survey will determine whether your gut is balanced or unbalanced. If you have a balanced gut and you are experiencing some health issuesSimple changes in your lifestyle and some changes in your diet may be all you need.

BIOHM Health Offers The Gut Blueprint™ As an easy way to make thoughtful adjustments to your diet, switch your daily foods to stomach-friendly meals. They will offer you this after you have done a brief survey.

In this blueprint, you will receive:

  • Shopping list with 90 pet-friendly ingredients.
  • A dozen gut-focused dishes (meals, snacks and drinks), created by their microbiome-trained registered nutritionists.

Although specific supplement brands are not touted as part of dietary recommendations, BioHM Health was the first company to develop probiotics that were proven to break down digestive biofilms and engineered to balance both bacteria and fungi in the gut. was.

what makes BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool unique?

Unique from other online health quizzes that apply widely available research, BIOHM Health’s Gut Assessment provides consumers with insights based on analysis of millions of proprietary data points that incorporate microbiome data along with clinical data:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Tension
  • lifestyle information

The algorithm was created by incorporating data from BIOHM’s at-home microbiome test, the BIOHM Gut Test, which assesses both the bacteria and fungi of an individual’s microbiome, along with additional clinical and lifestyle data.

Analyzing millions of collected microbiome DNA datapoints using artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, BIOHM’s data science team has identified a proprietary list of statistically significant features that are associated with gut imbalance and candida overgrowth.

What makes the BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool unique is that the solutions are derived from real-life clinical data, and advanced data science, not just some random scientific paper.

What did I think about the BIOHM Health Gut Assessment Tool?

survey on guttesting.com Was small and easy to take. It was informative and gave me a better understanding of my gut health. The Gut Blueprint™ It helped me realize what foods were lacking in my diet. It helped me create a healthier way of eating.

I highly recommend taking Survey and going to their website biohum health

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