RGIII delicately veiled shadows on Cousins ​​after Vikings QB Mond project


Minnesota Vikings midfielder Kirk Cousins ​​may have amassed a lot of elite stats (and one-of-a-kind) over the years, like being the only NFL player to have thrown more than 25 touchdowns in each of the past six seasons, but he doesn’t Still not found. You wouldn’t get much respect from people who heard someone say they were the midfielder at trash time in 2018.

These people, whether national or local, have a myriad of motivations behind their objectively erroneous view, but the most recent adherence to (albeit shrinking) “bad cousins” has a clear and pathetic reason to appear and contradict Captain Kirk.

Former Washington (at the time) Redskins team was interviewed for one season quarterback Robert Griffin III on Friday night about the NFL draft when the theme of the cousins ​​and their apparent heir, the Vikings, came up in the second round of Killen Monde selection.

First, the interview:

“I can tell you now that 8th in Minnesota (cousins) is probably not really happy at the moment,” Griffin said in Bleacher Report Gridiron, “because Kellen Monde represents exactly what he doesn’t do well, right? Who can run and throw it all over the field, and I don’t think that is something Number 8. … but I think that’s what the coaching staff and management are looking for – I must say the organization -. “

The RGIII knows its cousins ​​so well, that it was drafted in the same year for the same team, and was eventually replaced by three-quarters of the way during the second year seasons.

I think you can see why RGIII is a bit salty. I mean, it is no coincidence that he talks about the “salary” side of cousins’ lives. Obviously not Cousins’s fault that RGIII’s knee gave him after the legendary Junior Season, nor is it his fault that RGIII attempted to emulate Adrian Peterson by returning in a super-human manner close to his injury.

Also, it’s kind of a cousin’s job to play as well as possible (just as RGIII’s job is to do the same). You could say that RGIII has a point of view and Mond is more mobile, but Cousins ​​is actually good at running away and suggests that he “collects a check” while your other critique (the running part) explains that he actually did it as best anyone could while beside not Traffic protection. Otherwise, why does he need to run down enough to be the main thing you refer to as the Mond advantage over Cousins?

If anything the Vikings squandered these checks, tonight they just shore up their barrier unit for the cousins ​​and the company despite having enough assured money paid to him since 2018 to have the RGIII drive a RGIII near the Cousins’ home at night with the headlights off. . But to point out that the cousins ​​should have done what not even Patrick Mahomes could win a championship without traffic protection? As the checkmate argument about how to “collect the check” and nothing more than that?

perfect? It shows ignorance of the Minnesota situation, prejudice, or both. It also raises the question of what RGIII would call if he lost his career to a guy who is just a chic collector? If it were really that simple, should RGIII in the league still do the same thing instead of that transparent nonsense? Especially since the RGIII was a mobile QB?

Like the other “points”, this argument also makes RGIII look bad, not cousins. So let’s hope that whatever RGIII’s job now is not a trial attorney.

“Your Excellency! The defense attorney who just hit me, once again, has a handicap and reads in third grade and is here only because he paid an enormous amount for his services directly related to his performance!”

Do you understand what I mean?


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