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RHOBH’s Krystal Kung-Minkoff Explains Arrest Warrant, Jokes About Season 12 Tagline


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Crystal Kung-Minkoff The shocking revelation that a warrant was issued for his arrest once during an appearance in the latest episode of teddy mellencamppodcast of, teddy tea pod.

After the episode, many of her fans and followers on social media wanted to know more, newest member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills took to his Instagram story to share details about what actually happened.

“I am loving all these memories about my Warrant story. Unfortunately, the actual story is not as exciting and it happened 22 years ago,” Krystal begins in her story, as shared by Queens of Bravo The screenshot shown. instagram.

According to Crystal, she was attending graduation at Northern Arizona University when she was pulled over.

“As I walked into campus, campus police said it was not my turn to go through the intersection. [four] The road stopped and the officer got angry. So instead of giving me a regular ticket, I was cited for using my car as a weapon,” she explained.

Once Crystal returned to Los Angeles and received the citation in the mail, she called the judge.

“The judge thought it was absurd and said ‘do you plan to drive here again in the next’ [six] years?’ I said ‘no’ (I was 16 in the car with my father and brother) and he replied that coming back to Arizona for the hearing was too much of a hassle for you to be dismissed, so just don’t come back! He remembered.

“So is the story. Sorry this is boring,” Crystal said.

RHOBH Explains Crystal Kung Minkoff Arrest Warrant

After sharing his message on Twitter, Krystal responded to a fan who suggested that he include news of his previous arrest warrant in his tagline for the upcoming 12th season. rage.

“It has to be included in some way for your tagline next season, lol!” She wrote.

In response, Crystal shared a suggestion from her husband, Rob Minkoff.

It read, “Hollywood is full of pretentiousness. And I kill them all… with my car.”

Krystal Kung Jokes About Minkoff Warrant and RHOBH Season 12 Tagline

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 Airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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