RHONY Reunion Is Interrupted As Cast Feels “Frustrated”, Leah Reacts As Eboni Shows Dress

The RHONY Reunion is officially canceled as Cast Feels "Beyond frustrated," Plus Leah reacts as Eboni shows off the dress she planned to wear

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 13 reunion was officially canceled by Bravo.

After months of rumors concerning Movies delays, the network shares a statement about their decision to leave the film End-of-season Special. Shortly afterwards, Leah McSweeney in the Eboni K. Williams responds to the news with their statements.

“Because of scheduling challenges around the connection of The Real Housewives of New York City In due course, Bravo confirmed that there will be no meeting for this season, “said a network spokesman. Entertainment evening September 17 “It’s disappointing that we can not bring the squad back together, but we are delighted that we are on such a high note with the final, and are now shifting our focus to next season.”

According to a source, the news has de RHONY healed feeling “over frustrated”, especially after being subjected to it many delays without real reason why.

“They never got clear answers,” the source said. “They just wanted to say their piece and move on. Some of the ladies feel as if the reunion had given them the chance to come together as a united front and put the negative energy of the season behind them.

“Now they feel like they’re going out with a scream instead of a bang,” the source added.

During the occupation, they said they were afraid of the meeting because they had “no interest” in it ugly events of the season, which was filmed over a year ago, they now feel a lack of closure.

How RHONY Fans know the 13th season was pretty low rated, with an episode falls to a series low of 764,000 spectators in the Final Episode bring in only 841,000 spectators.

“As much as I think we have things we all need to talk about, I’m also relieved that I don’t have to talk about things that happened a year ago,” Leah admitted in a video shared with her Instagram story on Friday night. “At that point, it’s been a long time coming, and it’s been a big year, all around, in general. And it was a season where I think it was unfairly torn down and we all went through the wrestling during the movie and during the show. So now there is no meeting. “

Leah mcsweeney responds to Rhony reunion canceled

Around the same time, Eboni gave fans a glimpse into the personalized dress she had planned to wear to the ribbons.

“Disappointed, I do not get this masterpiece first [RHONY] Reunion, “she said.

ebon k.  williams responds to Rhony reunion canceled

Just last month, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Eboni told everyone was “encouraged to attend the meeting.”

“I am very much looking forward to this meeting. I think my castmates are too, because a lot of dirt has gone down this season. And it will be great, I think everyone is able to express how they feel, how they felt looking back, “she said.

Meanwhile, just days ago, Sonja Morgan sot Us Weekly den Reunion had taken place.

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