May 6, 2021


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Richard Hodden MP – April 2021 Statement – Consett Magazine

Councils, backed by members of parliament, can raise up to £ 20,000,000 to renovate, improve local travel or support cultural and cultural resources. In particular, I focus on three industrial areas, but I think we are in three cities around the concert: Crook, Wellington and Tow.

North West Durham has been neglected by the council in recent years and he or a former MP has not held any bids for the High Street Fund or the Urban Fund. It is also gratifying to note that during the funding period, the council has had the opportunity to host pet projects in Durham, but we will always forget about that. But many of you in northwestern Durham feel that all political colors have been discarded by previous governments, even though London and the South have received a lot of investment and financial support in the past.

As a member of your local parliament, I am committed to changing this government and ensuring that communities across the country receive the support they deserve – especially since last year, when there was a great need for funding. We look to reopen and revitalize the economy.

So, what about next?

I want to run for the local council and for my fellow MPs Dehina Davison (MP for Bishop Auckland) and Paul Howell (MP for Sedfield). Last week I wanted you to participate in these projects with the Council’s Chief Executive for Funding for Cost Opportunities as well as the three cities Crook, Wellington and To Law so please contact me and my team. If you are interested in helping or a local organization that wants to get involved.

The rating fund is tailored to our communities and there is a good chance of competing for money. It is important not to waste it as it was before. I will fight tooth and nail for Northwest Durham to get the financial support it needs, but I need your input and support. This is a real opportunity for our environment and our communities to embrace the investment of change that will improve the quality of life of our environment with real improvements.
To our local cities.

Best wishes – Richard Hodden Member of Parliament