May 9, 2021


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Rick Sousa’s insider in our NFL is one of the few in Cleveland with press credentials tonight. [Live Stream]

The big night is here! The fully wandering Sauron-esque eye of NFL fans has been fixed live on Cleveland, the real world equivalent of that swamp of Lord of the Rings full of all those corpses, except in this metaphor that those corpses represent the Super hopes and dreams of Bowl for every Browns fan in town. Minnesota Vikings fans can connect with our friends in North Asia, where both franchises are linked more closely than ever thanks to Browns’ second-year coach Kevin Stefansky, and the feeling on both sides that each team could be slowing away from the real competition for it. The first tournament in 2021.

Fortunately for Vikings fans, our team of Senior Vikings and NFL Insider Rick Sosa is currently in Cleveland, avoiding swamps, thanks mostly to his press release (thanks to his role on the Máximo Avance Network and his popular Purple Code Podcast).

First things first, you’ll want to follow Rick on Twitter as he tweets live for amazing access!

Note: We have the other NFL Insider team and our new NFL website editor, Dustin Baker is also in Cleveland and will be tweeting live by the fan side of the event! Follow FranchiseTagged on Twitter and Facebook, and Baker on Twitter.

Note: Live broadcast!

Be sure to update (or press f5) this page often as it will update all night! You’ll also be able to watch our buddies Raw podcast (Kirby O’Connor and Josh Fry) as well as “The VikingsTerritory Breakdown” host, our owner Joe Johnson, live broadcast of the entire draft starting at 6 PM CST!

You’ll also be able to see aspects of Sosa Live Stream from the draft on his account as well as the social media accounts for and! Click here for a VikingTerritory Twitter And the Here for Facebook!