Ridley Scott Net A Superhero Film Fan

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Many people are not fans of certain genres, and for the filmmaker Ridley Scott, the one he is not a fan of is superhero movies.

In 2019, Martin Scorsese compared famous superhero movies to theme park rides and called them “not movies”, which set off a firestorm of social media debates that lasted months.

On Friday, Scott spoke with Deadline to promote the “House of Gucci” movie and went on to a longer game about superhero movies with its problems, which mostly stem from its script and over dependence on visual effects:

“Almost always, the best movies are driven by the characters, and we’re then approached by superheroes, if you will, because I’ll break it. I’ll destroy it. They’re f — ing boring as s – t. Their scripts are not all f-ing boy.

I think I made three super scripted superhero movies. One would be Alien with Sigourney Weaver. One would be Gladiator, and one would be Harrison Ford [Blade Runner]. They are superhero movies. So, why do superhero movies not have better stories?

Sorry. I got off the rails, but I mean, come on. They are usually saved by special effects, and this will be boring for anyone working with special effects if you have the money.

Scott, who is next to make the Napoleon movie “Kitbag”, also prepares the “Gladiator” sequel for filming and confirms to the outlet that it has already been written and “we have a good footprint, a good, logical place to go. .. there are enough components of the first to pick up the ball and move on.