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Rishi Sunak from the UK says tax deals are in the G7, but technology has to pay a fair share


London: British Secretary of the Treasury Rishi Sonak He said a deal was to be struck with the United States Taxation But the big tech giants have to pay their fair share in return for British support for Washington’s tax bids.
The United States has proposed a global corporate minimum tax rate of 15%, much lower than the G7, but higher than in some countries, such as Ireland. But Britain remains concerned that these programs do not use technology giants well enough to pay taxes Amazon، Google And Facebook
“We need them to understand why fair corporate taxation is important to us. An agreement has been reached, so I want the United States – and the entire G7 – to come to the table next week and do it,” Sonak Pish said. He told the newspaper on Sunday that the G7 finance ministers would meet on June 4-5.
“Negotiations are going well … but this must be the right deal for Britain, and this week’s negotiations are about that.”
Companies such as Facebook also want a solution to the issue that gives them confidence and stability, Sonak said.
He also said he wanted to “play the big streets of England”, although Britain would impose a separate tax on online sales.
“Basically, the global tax system does not work … Large multinational corporations, especially digital corporations, are not able to pay the right taxes in the right places because of the nature of their business. And that is not fair,” he said.
“This is what we are fighting hard to resolve in these negotiations. If everyone works hard in the next few days and weeks, I am confident we can find a good place.”


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