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Rivals 100 dB Keon Sub breaks his top six


Rivals100 Recruitment Keon Sabu Have the latest cut in your list of options. The Bradenton (Fla.) standout IMG Academy is up to six schools and has a few planned this month.

“My top six schools are CLEMSON, Oregon, Penn State, Georgia, Texas A&M, and LSU,” said Sub. “I am probably going to commit after going through all my travels so that I can get to see everything. Due to COVID, I couldn’t see any schools, so I’ll have to go through all of them before making a decision.”

Clemson- “I’ve built a really strong relationship with Coach Venables and Coach Mickey Coon,” he said, “I’ve been talking to him for a while and my parents love him dearly. I’m there June 11-13 . an unofficial visit . i will do my official visit during the season . i really know everything about them . i went there in 8th grade so i have seen the campus but i know there is some new stuff . i just I’m looking forward to getting down.”

Oregon-Juwan Johnson is from my hometown and he went there,” Sab said. “I think he relocated to Oregon for his graduation year. He was telling me a lot of cool things about him and how he loved the culture and everything. They are very different than other schools they have seen and heard about. I liked his approach. If that turns out to be the best opportunity for me then distance won’t be a problem. I loved watching Jevon Holland, who was drafted this year. Coach Cristobal made it really clear that I was one of his top targets. He talks to my dad and me almost everyday. I will make my official tour there during the season.”

Penn State- “They came early in my hiring process and offered me during my freshman year, so I’ve built a strong relationship with them,” Sabb said. “Coach Franklin is a really nice guy. Coach Terry Smith and everyone there too. I’ve built really good relationships with a lot of different coaches out there. I probably have the best relationship with Coach Bentley but with Coach Poindexter The relationship is still something new and we are trying to figure out who it is. I will be there later this week for my official visit.”

Georgia “I will be there for an official visit over the weekend of June 18,” he said. “I saw those defensive backs like Eric Stokes for some time and their development went crazy. By the time they got into the league those guys had gotten really good. Coach Ade and I have built a really good relationship with him. He is a very nice boy and my father loves him very much. I talk to Coach Smart all the time. Coach Lanning and Coach Cochran, I’ve built a really good relationship with the coaches in their staff.”

Texas A&M- “I’ll be there on June 24-26 for an informal visit,” Sabb said. “Coach Robinson is definitely my guy. He has Fadil Diggs and Isaiah Raikes So in the team I’ve talked to him about school and he’s briefed me about what other people won’t tell you. They tell me everything that’s going on.”

LSU- “Coach Jones, the defensive coordinator, I’ve built a very strong relationship with him,” he said. “He has shown me how I can be used in his defense, how Safari is a big deal in his defense, and how easy it is to pretend to be in his defense. I definitely liked it. But the season will go.”

There is still a long way to go in the recruitment of Sab and there will be many changes along the way. For now, the teams to watch are Georgia, LSU and Clemson. Bulldogs and Clemson are bringing him to campus this month and have a chance to solidify their position. LSU and Oregon are going to wait until fall to try to impress Sabb personally. SAB’s ties with Penn State and Texas A&M make him a serious contender, but the scenario could look different after his visit this month.

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