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Rivals Network Summary 23-29 May


A look at the hottest news and features from around the network. It’s the calm before the storm, as conscription visits for the first time in nearly 15 months are set to begin on June 1. We start with several previews of what to expect once the forecast starts hitting the road.

Returning official visits

It’s been nearly 15 months since the recruits and coaches have met

The NCAA sent the college recruitment process into a dead term on March 13, 2020, and has been there ever since. This means that there has been no personal contact between the student-athletes and potential coaches for nearly 15 months. However, that will end next week, and schools across the country brace for a deluge of possibilities arriving on their campuses in June.

AUBURNSPORTS.COM: Brian Harsin predicts “crazy” June.

GAMECOCK CENTRAL: Shane Bimmer prepares for his first visits as head coach

Bucky Grove: Looking back on the biggest weekend to visit Ohio


Redefining the Transformational Gate

The transfer portal has become a growing factor in the way coaches have built teams over the past few years, and many sports departments are now reimagining what employment looks like in the current era. This includes their hiring department restructuring teams to better evaluate transfers.

WAZZU Watch: Josh Amora Senior Recruitment Transfer Manager

Bucky Grove: The Ohio hiring manager explains his evolving role


Betting on college football

With more states now legalizing sports betting, there is growing interest in streaks for the upcoming college football season. And this interest isn’t just limited to the big-name Power Five programs, but schools all over FBS and even FCS classes.

Middle report: Make cases in relation to the total Navy win over / under


Swipe the big ten commissar

We conclude this week with more discoveries regarding how the Big Ten Conference handles the 2020 college football season, which has seen the commissioner Kevin Warren Cancellations are announced, only to cancel this cancellation and play a brief season. The Ohio Parents’ Football League this week published a scathing critique of Warren based on those new discoveries.

Bucky Grove: FPAOS tells Warren to “do better”

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