Rob Gronkowski didn’t know he got his 100th TD pass from Tom Brady


“‘I’ll keep counting for you Rob, keep catching up.'”

Rob Gronkowski Tom Brady

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady celebrates Rob Gronkowski with a tight finish after Gronkowski catches a 2-yard touchdown pass. AP Photo/Scott Audette

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady Tied for the 100th touchdown pass in Thursday’s Cowboys win.

Gronkowski, predictably, had no idea.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Gronkowski was asked about the milestone he had reached with his longtime friend and teammate.

“Great,” said Gronkowski. “I really didn’t even know right now. But frankly, I heard that and everything after the game. I’m just listening. [Buccaneers] RAM [Tom] moore. He said, ‘I’ll keep counting for you Rob, keep catching. ‘I like it,’ I said. I will keep on catching.’ That’s what I’m going to do.”

The link – Brady and Gronkowski’s second goal of the game – came in the middle of the third quarter. Brady backed off under pressure and made a short pass to Gronkowski, who was roaring into the finish area.

Brady and Gronkowski are just 14 touchdowns from Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison to become the greatest duo of all time.

on it “Let’s Go” podcastBrady talked about how satisfying it was to watch Gronkowski enjoy football again.

“When I see him playing now, the real Rob Gronkowski comes back,” Brady said. “The spirit that makes everyone love him as a person, as a teammate, as a player, the spirit he carries in his eyes, the joy of life, the joy of football is back. When I saw him play the other night, this is his most authentic.

“For someone who has watched it for a long time, it was there, it was lost. He retired because he couldn’t find the happiness he had. Winning it back is one of the really wonderful, fulfilling things for me in professional sports. I wish the best for him every day and every time he performs because he is such a man. If you’re going to war, you want to be with Rob Gronkowski.”

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