Robert Durst Gets Life In Prison For Murder By Susan Berman

UPDATE: Robert Duerst was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday, October 14, a spokesman for the Los Angeles District Attorney confirmed to E! News. The verdict comes a month after he was found guilty of killing the journalist Susan Bermann more than 20 years.


Robert Duerst was convicted of murder Susan Bermann in the year 2000.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon announced that a jury had found the 78-year-old real estate heir guilty of first-degree murder of Berman, his former longtime friend and confidant.

“The jury’s decision shows how our legal system can work to hold responsible people independent of their wealth and status in life,” Gascón said. “I want to commend our team of prosecutors and investigators for their diligent work to ultimately bring justice to those who have been waiting for more than 20 years.”

During the trial, prosecutors said Thirst shot Berman at his home in Los Angeles on the night of December 23, 2000.

Before her death, Berman reported to New York investigators talking about the disappearance of his wife’s thirst, Kathie, who were missing in 1982 and can still be found. According to prosecutors, she wanted to admit that she gave the thirst a false alibi.

Thirst at first was brought to justice in March 2020, but procedures were stopped when the coronavirus pandemic started. After a 14-month hiatus, the jury returned to Los Angeles Court in May to reconsider the proceedings.

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