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Robert Eggers’ The Northman was released in 2022


Spooky slowly burning energy Witch And Lighthouse, I am ready for what Robert Egars wants to reveal to us and his latest film still seems to be his most ambitious.

The answer An epic revenge thriller that will explore “How far will a Viking prince go to seek justice for his murdered father,“And Focus Features has announced that the movie will hit theaters April 8, 2022. Northman Actors Alexander Scarsgard, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Willem Daffo, Brazzark, Clays Bang, Murray McCarthy Arthur, Kate Dickey, Ralph Inson, and Huffer Jalius J জrgen. In addition to directing, Robert Eggers also co-wrote the screenplay with Icelandic poet and nove Panasic Sajan.

Ralph Inson, who played Robert Eggers Witch, Teased NME He had already seen some of what they shot in March and flew away. “This is a great movie,“Inson said.”I saw the four minute fullness of some of the content I had already fired and I was really blown away. Rob Eggers’ fantasy and the marriage of Viking folklore শু Jesus, man.“Inson also had a lot of praise for Alexander Scarsgard, who will apparently look like an absolute beast in the picture.”[There’s] In a scene where he beats this guy in battle; He gritted his teeth with his teeth down, yelled at the gods, and took off his shirt – and you thought: ‘Oh my god, he’s not a visual bodybuilder, he’s just a serious actor!“Inson said in surprise.”He has somehow shown himself to be a monster for this part, the sacrifice is incredible. I think it will really be a bit of a masterpiece, to be honest.“I can’t wait.

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