May 6, 2021


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Robert Jennick Bolton visited before the local elections

According to Robert Jenrick, the Tori will prioritize the renovation of Bolton Streets and ensure that more houses are built while maintaining a green belt for a visit to Brightmet.

Meanwhile, Bolton’s chief of staff, Nick Pell, has expressed concern that the Conservative-led council has delayed plans to renew.

Secretary of State, Community and Local Government Claire Adele Warren, Council Chairperson David Greenhall and Brightet Stuart Hartgan Conservative Candidate Gastangan Altts met.

His visit comes ahead of May 6, when more than a third of Bolton’s seats will be up for grabs.

The Conservative Party currently has one seat in the Borton Council (17-18), but has control over the Bolton Council.

Because there was an agreement between all the parties in Bolton except Labor. Lib Dems later withdrew from the event in February.

A slight swing could mean a change in the hands of the Bolton Council, and it is unlikely that one party would win outright.

Mr. Jenrik took advantage of the local greenery and talked to the local community with Kyr Warren, a member of the Environmental Protection Agency’s executive cabinet.

Asked about building more affordable housing in the area, Mr. Jenrick said: “We need to build more housing to help low-income people and help people climb the ladder.

This is a moral mission for the government, but we expect green belts and green spaces.

I think there will be a lot of opportunities to do that, especially after the epidemic.

“Renovating highways, finding more homes in cities and town centers, relocating offices in some cases, here in Bolton and in Manchester centers.

We want to move forward now with all these things we can do to build more homes and build them in the right place.

To do this, we are funding Bolton, who is a beneficiary of our Citizens’ Fund, such as the City and City Center Renewal Efforts.

“David Greenhall and I have worked very closely over the past year. I want to see what happens next after the election.

I think it is really worthwhile to work together as a conservative-led council, conservative MPs and conservative government to protect Bolton’s investment.

I think we have done that successfully, I want that to continue from 2019. ”

Mr Jennrick added that communities have been particularly appreciative of the work done by Garstang Allotments on Bolton News in response to the epidemic.

Bolton is currently the only conservative governing body in Manchester, but the results of the upcoming local elections could change that.

“Well, this is the local people, but I am very happy to be working with David Greenhall as the leader of the council,” said Mr Jenrick.

I think the council has a very clear plan on how to rejuvenate after the epidemic and how to get jobs into the city, work with your business, work with the university and build better.

That is the best way to ensure that members of parliament, the legislature and the government team work together productively.

They have great plans for the future, I want to work with them, and I know the Prime Minister and the Chancellor will do the same, and I hope we can maintain a good conservative council.

Nick Pell, head of Bolton’s labor group, said a union would update plans for the outbreak in the district.

Clinic Nick Pell said: “I would like to thank Robert Jenrick for his previous work on management at Bolton, because the plans to renovate our city centers, which he has really praised, are well-laid.

However, we are concerned that under the Tory Council, these new plans should lead to new city center housing and operations, and we are very concerned that this Tory Council has not responded in a credible way. See recent improvements.

The future Labor Council will reconsider its major plans and modernize the shopping and office environments to make them more relevant to the world of Kovv.

Ninety-nine candidates will stand in the by-elections on Thursday in 20 constituencies, and conservatives, labor and liberal Democrats will field one future councilor for each seat.