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Robohub Podcast – Snake-like robot as a worker partner with Matt Bilsky


Listen to another podcast from the team robohub. More podcasts can be found from them Here.

FLX BOT, the snake-like robot

Matt Bilsky, founder and CEO of FLX Solutions, discusses the snake-like robot he calls the FLX Bot. The FLX BOT consists of modular links, each with a joint that can expand and rotate to get into tight spaces. Each link is about 2.5 cm in diameter and includes sensors such as an IMU and a camera.

A robot for construction workers

Snake-like robots are used to navigate and operate in challenging environments, such as above ceilings and within walls. In today’s world, construction workers need to cut large openings in existing walls to access inaccessible areas. The FLX BOT works as an extension of the construction workers’ hand and allows them to access these hard-to-reach areas using an opening in the wall under 3 centimeters.

Matt discusses the key innovations in his product as well as his educational and entrepreneurial journey that led him to FLX BOT.

Dr. Matt Bilxie

Matt Bilsky, PhD, PE, is the inventor of the FLX Bot, a licensed professional engineer, a mechanical engineering professor at Lehigh University, and a former repair/maintenance contractor.

In 2017, he was awarded the Leh University Entrepreneurship Educator of the Year. Matt has a Mechanical Engineering PhD from Lehigh University with a focus on Smart Product Design, Technological Entrepreneurship and Mechatronics.

He holds two additional Leh degrees: a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering. Matt has been an innovator since he was a kid.

In his basement shop, he designed and manufactured a number of electronic components. In 2003 he started his first company, Matcomp Services LLC, which offers computer repair, networking, home theater and handyman services. They also created a web hosting company, Matcomp Hosting, in 2005, which includes all the necessary back-end components on dedicated servers.

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