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By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Thirty-one seconds. Third and 25. Three points ahead.

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Everything was there for the patriots. The sad special was on the table. Two more games and an unforgettable – and somewhat shocking – victory would be theirs.

After Cowboys guard Connor Williams received two penalties—a denied hold and an unsportsmanlike conduct—the home crowd was eager to see a simple defensive stance that caused havoc on a seasonally cool Foxboro evening. The whole football nation is watching.

information technology can It was the springboard to the winning streak. information technology NS it’s time to at least secure this victory.

But instead… it was this:

Dak Prescott, 24 yards to CeeDee Lamb. (GIF from

24 yards. Area target range. The game is connected. The game lost soon after.

Frankly, it was a big game in the game. As for liability, Jalen Mills appeared to be in trouble in the game stream, but a look from above is hers. maybe They were featured in Cover 3. Kyle Dugger and Jonathan Jones play the man news, as JC Jackson (top of the screen), Devin McCourty (center) and Mills (bottom) step back as if they were responsible for third place.

Cedrick Wilson’s deep stitching route forced McCourty back into the deep center field role, thus opening the middle of the field for the deep cut done by CeeDee Lamb. (The fact that Mills emptied the left side of the defense and gave the entire sideline to Ezekiel Elliott, who was running a wheel course, leads me to believe that Mills had the Cover 3 responsibility, but after seeing the middle of the field open like that, he tried to fit in.)

“We’re going to watch, but we’ve had a hard time, it’s tough,” McCourty said of the 24-yard reception. “You would have liked more DBs, but you can see, it was difficult. … A game we tried was not played well enough. Still, this game was tough.”

It really was. Greg Zuerlein made a 49-yard field goal in the next game, and the energy at Gillette Stadium definitely changed in a hurry.

In the old days, the roles were reversed. It has always been the Patriots who lashed out, making their opponents look stupid in situations like these, and achieving incredible victories. But the old days are officially the old days now. Fumble vs Miami, missed kick vs. Between Tampa and six-choice vs Dallas, almost and if they are piling up. So far, we’re seeing what the 2-4 record is. The 2021 Patriots are not the kind of team that can do the little things to win games that have been the hallmark of this franchise for two decades.

“In the NFL, maybe you get three or four bad games and you lose the game. The margin of error is very thin,” said rookie QB Mac Jones. “The games we lose, we’re two or three games away, and I guess that’s how the NFL works. And I learn that the hard way.”

So are he and the team. The third and 25th in particular stand out as a stunner.

Anyway, there’s a lot more to come, so let’s take a look at the remnants of Dallas’ 35-29 overtime game against New England.

–You should also pay homage to the Cowboys and especially Dak Prescott and Cedrick Wilson, to transform the fourth and 4th in this incredible game in the ride that previously tied the game:

This is, as they say, Big Time Football.

– There is also this thing called complementary football and the Patriots didn’t play it.

With 2:42 to play and a three-pointer lead, the Patriots took over after Zuerlein’s missed shot. They needed a few first hits to win the game. The Cowboys took their first timeout after Damien Harris ran with no gains.

The Patriots who came out of this timeout … were penalized for delaying the game.

This execution failure is a Jetsian way of losing football games.

Still, they could have gone with another running game, depriving the Cowboys of their break. Or they could dial a first hit or two through the air to kill the clock.

Instead, Mac Jones scored a six.

Another Jetsian moment for a winning team.

You can not do this.

There were others. The third pass to Nelson Agholor in overtime came as a surprise to us. and Agholor himself:

(The missed penalty there was distracted by the fact that that pass was nowhere near completion.)

There were also red zone execution issues, particularly the one that involved N’Keal Harry needing to be told exactly what to do, which led to what needs to be done. NS The game penalty was delayed, but instead led to the Patriots’ worst offensive game of the day.

patriots NS he scored on the drive, but was too sloppy to jump.

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One more thing to consider: After Damien Harris ran for two yards in the second and 5 at the Patriots’ 44-yard line in overtime, he was immediately out of the game, running to the sideline, replaced by … Brandon. bolden

We don’t know if this trade limits Josh McDaniels’ call to play, the third and 4th is not complete. But in this case, it would definitely be more beneficial to have Harris on the court. (He was also gassed late in the Miami game, which apparently contributed to his incompetence.)

This all means that nothing or a single person was responsible for the last L added to the Patriots’ record. It’s a team sport as usual. And the team isn’t playing well enough to earn those Ws.

-On the positive front, I swear It was James White, not Rhamondre Stevenson, who made the shot in the open:

Rhamondre Stevenson catch and run (GIF from

That’s five WHUPS on the Chris Berman Scale.

Stevenson stitched right before pulling 22 yards the next game. For a man who is considered somewhat of a power runner, that kind of versatility should be useful for this forward offensive.

(Stevenson also scored his first career goal that day, which is always nice to see for guys who have worked so long to get to this level.)

– My guess is that people are still very excited for Mac Jones. He may finally be every Patriots fan’s dream, but you don’t have enough proof yet that he’s your franchise man. Part of it has to do with the kids gloves they use to coach him from time to time, but part of it has to do with some of Jones’ mistakes. (See: Diggs, Trevon.)

But if you are someone really McCorkle wants to jazz it up, then boy, do I have a chance for you:

(GIF from

It’s not like you hit a dime in that game. BUT, he stood in his pocket, knowing that heavy pressure was about to reach him, and he placed the ball in an area where his receiver had a chance to play the ball. That fearlessness of oppression despite the coup difficult and often — that was the most encouraging feature in Jones’ young NFL career so far.

There’s no need to overdo it, though. He has 1,472 yards, seven touchdowns and six interceptions. He just beat the Jets and the Texans. His stats in his first six games are similar to those of Christian Ponder (9 TD, 8 INT, 1,423 yards) in the first six starts of his career.

His career can go in any of a million directions. Have no idea which one it will be yet, I don’t know yet which one it will be. It is best to judge it for what it is now rather than what it could be.

–Also, he won’t have a future if his linesmen are to play like this:

Or this:

Randy Gregory and Isaiah Wynn (GIF from


–There are people in the NFL complaining about the new reality of “you can’t hit anymore”. In some cases, this is true. (If you want your blood to reach 212 degrees in the Arizona v Cleveland game, check the hard pass penalty.)

But in some cases, yes, you to be able to still playing hard football.

Status, point:

(GIF from

You don’t see it very often anymore. But the physical play in the defensive backcourt is still Sometime allowed to occur organically.

– I’m not saying here that Nelson Agholor shouldn’t keep that ball in overtime. He should have caught the ball.

Nelson Agholor fall (screenshot from

Nelson Agholor fall (screenshot from

I’m just here to comment on the Bucs game and how Mac Jones makes leading buyers a habit in this game. liiiiittttle too far on the incline and stop roads. Did you see it in the six-election to Diggs, what did you see on it? NS Meyers vs. It’s the catch and shuffle between Tampa Bay (replayed it was decided it was somehow missing) and it sounds like a simple thing to fix.

– Considering how Matthew Slater looked for the OT coin with that colored viewfinder, it’s an absolute miracle that the Patriots didn’t win the game.

Dak Prescott and Matthew Slater (Screenshot via

The guy looks like an Avenger. How does an Avenger lose to the Cowboys? It’s just a shame.

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