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Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Joe says star is recovering after second cancer battle


Ronnie Wood’s second wife, Joe Wood, has revealed that the star is recovering after battling cancer for the second time.

The Rolling Stones star, 74, had previously battled small cell cancer in secret during the lockdown, but has since been given the clear again.

This came three years after he was completely free of lung cancer.

Joe, now 66, has revealed that he is “proud” of how the guitarist dealt with the news, saying he believes doctors caught the diagnosis early.

She described that doctors knew her family’s cancer history, so they could test before it spread.

talking to Sun, Joe said: “It was very worrying, especially for the kids. But he is much better. He is going to be fine.”

Joe Wood said Ronnie’s cancer battle was “very worrying”

Ronnie Sally Wood
Ronnie married Sally Wood in 2012

The comments come weeks after Ronnie’s current wife, Sally, Told about her “wonderful, positive” husband.

The 43-year-old, who married the star in 2012, told Hello magazine: “Ronnie is an amazing person with incredible strength and determination. He reads her meditation books and we’ve talked about his treatment, his sobriety and getting as much rest as possible. is focused. “

Ronnie and second wife who have been close since their separation in 2009 after 26 years of marriage. They share three children; Joe’s adopted sons Jamie, 46, Leah, 45, and Tyrone, 37.

Ronnie also has one child from his first marriage with Chrissy Finlay; Jesse 44.

And Joe describes that there is a good relationship between all the families, including his grandchildren.

However, her latest relationship didn’t cause any problems in her relationship with Joe, who she says gets along well with Sally and the couple’s four-year-old twins Alice and Gracie.

Ronnie Wood Cancer
Ronnie Wood blames smoking for his first battle with cancer

Speaking about his first battle with cancer, Ronnie said he blamed his 54 years of smoking. He had a part of his lung removed in 2018 and was given a clean bill of health.

However, last year meant that he would have to fight the disease again. After their fight, he told The Sun: “During my recovery, you have to let it go. What will happen has nothing to do with me.

“All I can do is stay positive in my attitude, be strong and fight it, and the rest is up to my higher power.”

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