Rope. Vermont’s Peter Welch launches a bid to succeed Patrick Leahy in the US Senate

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“We are in a crucial moment,” Welch said in a statement. “Families in Vermont are fighting through several crises: a global pandemic, the consequences of climate change and a race counting generations on. The result of this election will determine the control of the Senate and with it what we can accomplish for the families of Vermont.”

His announcement comes as Democrats try to retain control of the Senate, where they barely have power and Republicans only need to win a seat during the 2022 term to regain control of the House. During the midterm elections, Republicans will defend 20 seats in the Senate and Democrats will defend 14. Democrats are also trying to retain control of the House, where more than a dozen The Democrats have announced their plans to leave the House.

Welch was elected to Vermont’s only seat in the United States House in 2006. He is deputy chief of staff of the House Democratic Caucus and has pushed for energy reforms.


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