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Round 1 Results from the Cobank Colorado Women’s Open at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club – The Denver Post


The CoBank Colorado Women’s Open is back for its 27th year, and 18th overall at Green Valley Ranch Golf Club in Denver.

Paula Reto of Bloemfontein, South Africa, took the first-round lead after firing 6-under 66 on the par-72 course. The leader has some work to do as there are currently 20 players who have shot the opening round under par. In that mix are three women from Colorado.

Broomfield’s Stephanie Ferguson and Denver’s Becca Huffner are fifth after shooting 3-under 69.

There is also a pair of amateurs under the equivalent after round 1. Tess Blair of South Jordan, Utah and Caroline Jordan from Denver are both tied for 15th place in Round 2.

full result below

Cobank Colorado Women’s Open
Green Valley Ranch Golf Club
6,694 yards, par 72
round 1

Paula Reto, South Africa 32-34-66
Brittany Fan, Pearl City, HI 31-36-67
Marissa Stein, West Chester, OH 33-34-67
M. Ashmore Cartersville, GA 34-34-68
Dottie Ardina, Philippines 32-37-69
Stephanie Ferguson, Broomfield 35-34-69
Becca Huffer, Denver 33-36-69
Savannah Villaby, Downey, CA 35-34-69
Robin Choi, Australia 35-35-70
Carly Cox, China Grove, NC 37-33-70
O. Mehafi, Northern Ireland 34-36-70
K. Patrick, W. University Place, TX 36-34-70
Jessica Porwasnik Hinckley, OH 36-34-70
Andrea Wong, San Francisco 34-36-70
Julie Aim, Beaumont, TX 37-34-71
Tess Blair (A), South Jordan, UT 35-36-71
Daniela Iacobelli, Melbourne, FL 35-36-71
Carolyn Jordan (A), Denver 36-35-71—
Tristin Nowlin, Richmond, KY 35-36-71
Ann Parmertor, Austin, TX 33-38-71
Mitch Williams, Huntsville, AL 34-37-71
Brigitte Dunn, Camarillo, CA 37-35-72
Haley Grebe (A), Pendleton, OR 36-36-72
Jillian Hollis, Rocky River, OH 34-38-72
Macy Hubbard, Mason, OH 36-36-72
Yoonhee Kim, San Ramon, CA 36-36—72
Cindy LaCrosse, Tampa, FL 34-38-72
Casey Miller, Groveport, OH 36-36-72
Laura Restrepo, Panama 34-38-72
Hailey Schalk (A), Erie 33-39-72
Kylie Chen (A), Denver 35-38-73
J. DressbeamDK Juno Beach, FL 36-37-73
Dana Finkelstein, Chandler, AZ 35-38-73
Tess Hackworthy, Madison, WI 38-35-73
Katie Hollern, Sedalia 36-37-73
Taylor Howerton, in Evansville, 32-41-73
Jaime Jacob, Encinitas, CA 38-35-73
Emma Jandel, Dayton, OH 36-37-73
Bren Jones, Riverside, CA 39-34-73
Callie Jones, Sumnerville, FL 35-38-73
Nikita Arjun, Bangalore, India 38-36-74
Alice Bradley, Mandeville, LA 37-37-74
Ashley Bunch, Morristown, TN 36-38-74
Kendall Dye, Edmund, OK 34-40-74
Veronica Joles (A), Las Vegas, NV 35-39-74
Christy McPherson, Tampa, FL 36-38-74
Stephanie Na, Australia 36-38-74
Elizabeth Nagel, DeWitt, MI 38-36-74
Cat. O’Donnell, Ponte Vedra, FL 37-37-74
Elizabeth Prior, England 36-38-74
Tracy Stanford, Austin, TX 36-38-74
Kelsey Webster (A), Boulder 37-37-74
s. Angulo, Mexico 38-37-75
Erica Danielsson (A) Finland 35-40-75
Josie Doyan, Quebec 35-40-75
Jacqueline Alley, Quincy, MA 37-38-75
Kayla Jones, Atlanta, GA 37-38-75
Nishtha Madan, India 38-37—75
Caitlin Milligan, Norman, OK 37-38-75
Alexa Pano (A), Lake Worth, FL 37-38-75
M. Piyapattra, Eastvale, CA 36-39—75
E. Schultz, Walnut Creek, CA 38-37-75
Gabriella Again, Chino Hills, CA 38-37-75
Brian Walker, St. David, PA 39-36-75
Anna Appert, Sweden 37-39-76
Shasta Everyhardt, Flint, MI 39-37-76
Jackie Cunningham, Denver 38-38-76
Paris Hilinsky (A), Palm Beach, FL 36-40-76
Eli Knight, Knoxville, TN 38-38-76
Ashley Kozlowski (A), Littleton 38-38-76
Binny Lee, Frisco, TX 36-40-76
A Matsuoka, Newport Beach, CA 38-38-76
Cat. Prendergast. Sparks, NV 41-35-76
Kim Welch, Sacramento, CA 37-39-76
Kelly Whale, Palm Beach, FL 37-39-76
Amy Chitkoksung (A), Aurora 41-36-77
Paige Crawford, Colonel Springs 38-39-77
Lisa De Paulo, Austin, TX 38-39-77
Amanda Dixon Hillsborough, OH 37-40-77
Erin Ellis, Casper, WY 37-40-77
Julie Erxon, Provo, UT 40-37-77
Alisha Lau (A), Canada 39-38-77
Lauren Leigh (A), Loveland 38-39-77
M. Miller (A), Cedar Park, TX 37-40-77
Tori Pearce, Grand Island, NE 39-38-77
Brooke Riley, Manteca, CA 39-38-77 +5
Bryce Schroeder, Pueblo 38-39-77 +5
Gabrielle Shipley, Hastings, MI 38-39-77
Pavarissa Yoktuan, Thailand 36-41-77

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