Royal Family LIVE: Meghan Markle accuses herself of distancing herself from the Queen with Harry Jibe | Royal | News

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Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge was praised by many for her appearance in the center of the balcony at the Remembrance Sunday service yesterday, while Meghan’s dress was also praised at a recent event.

On Sunday, Kate was joined on the balcony by Camilla’s Foreign Secretary, the Duchess of Cornwall and Sophie Wessex, after the Queen withdrew due to a crazy back injury. Kate appeared festive for the occasion and donned a black hat and an Alexander McQueen coat along with a poppy, and many praised her for her appearance at the event.

The Duchess of Cambridge was praised for her appearance at Sunday’s solemn event, including by Darren Grimes, a contributor to both Reasoned UK and GB News who remarked: ‘Kate is horrible’ during royal surveillance @Hefa_ referred to the Duchess of Cambridge as the “Princess of the People” and compared her to Meghan.

The user wrote: “Remember Sunday, Kate Middleton is the princess of the people who could be Meghan Markle, but she chose her Hollywood status over a royal and you can not have both.”

It comes after Meghan Markle, 40, showed up at the Salute To Freedom Gala on the eve of Armistice Day this week, where she was praised for taking “royal style up a notch”.

For the event, which was hosted at the Intrepid Museum, the Duchess of Sussex donned a personalized Carolina Herrera red dress with a cropped neckline and fitted body, which was praised by fashion magazine Vogue, who described the piece as “true to royal standards”. “[s]”an and” sultry “.

Janelle Okwodu, writing for Vogue added: “Beaming as they are [Meghan and Prince Harry] The carpet climbed hand in hand, the couple gave the event a touch of Star Power and a fresh look at the royal style.