May 9, 2021


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Rudy Giuliani’s son tries to outdo Rudy with a wild CNN appearance

Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudy Giuliani, tried to get a page out of his father ‘s book during a CNN interview Thursday night.

When asked Erin Burnett on the FBI raid This week at his father’s apartment, Giuliani fired with deviations and conspiracy theories, including an indictment against the judge who signed the search warrant.

“Who appointed the judge? President Barack Obama! He declared. “You have an Obama-appointed judge who has signed this order where no other judge would sign this order.”

“Do you have evidence that no other judge would sign the order?” Burnett asked.

“I have no proof,” he admitted. “But do you have evidence that any other judge would sign the order?”

He also tried to dodge questions by repeatedly throwing Hunter Biden’s name, even when asked if his father would offer investigators information about the former president. Donald Trump.

“What I would say is that I wonder if Hunter Biden will be charged with the allegations against him,” he replied.

Former New York Mayor Giuliani and former Trump personal lawyer are being investigated at least in part for his business in Ukraine, the Associated Press reported.

He has not been charged and nega any wrongdoing.

Watch the full CNN interview with Andrew Giuliani below: