Rural communities respond to COVID to raise nearly $ 1 billion


Biden’s administration raised nearly $ 1 billion on Tuesday Rural communities The answer is Outbreaks of COVID-19.

The administration aims to increase the number of vaccines sent to rural areas, expand experimental and other COVID-19 immunization services, build trust in vaccines, and combat immunizations.

Rural health care providers are particularly vulnerable to serious illness due to exposure to COVID-19 or system health. HSS Secretary Xavier Becerra said in a statement that social misunderstandings and geographical discrimination.

More than 4,600 Rural Health Clinics will receive $ 460 million through the Rural Health Clinic COVID-19 of the Health Resources and Services Administration. It could cost up to $ 100,000 each summer. The agency will provide an additional $ 400 million to small rural hospitals and high-risk hospitals. Those hospitals could receive up to $ 230,000 from HRSA by the end of this year.

Rural health clinics can also receive funding to address this Vaccination hesitation Through a $ 100 million federally funded rural health clinic immunization program.

In addition to financial support for rural areas, HRSA has provided an estimated $ 250 million to immunize more people to recruit and deploy community-based community outreach, community health workers, social workers, and others.

The congressional hearing about that were exactly where the money came from in the March COVID-19 package.


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