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Fox News host Pete Hegst called for more sanctions Russia Following a massive cyber attack United States of America. He described Russia as a “flagship gas station” and said the United States needed to “cut off” its energy capabilities to “paralyze” it. Microsoft on Thursday warned that a Russian hacking group known as Nobelium targeted more than 150 organizations around the world last week. These included US government agencies. President Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin In three weeks in Geneva

“Russia is actually a flagship gas station, and when you cut off their energy capabilities, you paralyze them,” Mr Hegest said.

“When you increase sanctions like the Trump administration, you make them more vulnerable.”

“And when you provide real weapons to their enemies instead of blankets, you can block them.”

“Remember when Barack Obama told Mitt Romney in 2012, ‘1980s, they want to change their foreign policy?’ ”

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He added: “Lowly enemies are looking for tactics that can work for them based on their abilities.”

“Cyberbullying is something that Vladimir Putin thinks he can use because he does not believe the Biden administration will deal with it.Unfortunately, he was right! “

Microsoft said the cyber attack included: Phishing emails are fake messages designed to trick people into giving out sensitive information or downloading malicious software.

According to Microsoft, emails have been sent to more than 3,000 email accounts Russia has denied the allegations, saying it had no knowledge of the cyber attack.

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