Ryan Reynolds & Mark Ruffalo Add Deadpool & Hulk Stickers In New Netflix Movie Photo

Now the Marvel Disney + series


opened the Multiverse

, one of the biggest questions fans are asking is when

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool

will go to the MCU.

While once a track is viewed, today nothing seems to be off the table when one considers

Rumors of a Wanda Maximoff showdown with X-Men

, an all-but-confirmed


Tie to Holland’s Spider-Man

, and, of course, evil from the Spidey franchises that used to appear

Spider-Man: No Way Home



Additionally, Marvel Studios’

Kevin Feige has already confirmed the studio’s time frame


Deadpool 3

kiss that

“the script is in the works.”

Meanwhile, fans are free to speculate and theorize about the overarching crossover; and apparently the same goes for Marvel’s own current and future stars.

Hulk & Deadpool reference to Ruffalo & Reynolds’ movie

In the promotion of Netflix’s

The Adam Project,

with Hulk’s Mark Ruffalo


is Ryan Reynolds

, Ruffalo has a pretty meta image of the two actors on

social media



The photo shows the two comic book movie stars on the set of

The Adam Project,

lies next to what looks like a plastic storage box. Ruffalo describes the post and says:

“This is how I wish I could spend the #FirstDayofFall.”

Adam Project Ruffalo Reynolds


However, the presence of the two stars, and its reference to the changing seasons, is not what got the attention of the fans. What made it stand out was the fact that the box had stickers from both Reynolds Deadpool and Ruffalo Hulk on the cover.

Adam Project Hulk Deadpool



More Hulk & Deadpool references coming up?

Even if it’s true that Ruffalo wishes he had spent the first fall with Ryan Reynolds, the Twitter post was possibly that Ruffalo is having fun with Marvel fans and maybe planning more crossover references to come in the Netflix movie?

After all, since

The Adam Project

implies a father-son relationship, what would the Marvel fan not like to see Ruffalo with a Hulk action figure or Reynold with a deadpool?

Whether the stickers are the first or only reference to a Marvel crossover in the film, it’s worth noting that the Hulk is not the only MCU character with whom Deadpool was recently photographed.


At the promotion of the Reynolds movie

Free Guy


Thor: Ragnarok


Korg – played by Taika Waititi – reacts to the trailer of the movie alongside Deadpool


While these crossover promos are fun for fans, draw attention to the question of when and where


will make his official MCU debut, and if one of Disney’s

recently revealed 2024 release date belongs to

Deadpool 3


In the meantime,

Mark Ruffalo will star in Marvel’s upcoming Disney + series


after his shocking cameo appearance at


Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings

‘Post-Credits Scene



Deadpool 3

is currently in development at Marvel Studios.


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