SA registers second positive Covid case one day after border opens

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The Sydney Traveler is the state’s third coronavirus case since the border opened. The infected person suggested several sites of infection.

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South Australia has reported its third positive case of Covid-19 after an infectious traveler from Sydney landed at Adelaide airport on Wednesday morning.

SA Health does not provide additional information about the traveler, but it does list several impact points on its website.

Anyone aboard Qantas contagious traveler flight QF733 on lines one through four at 10.15 am should be immediately quarantined for 14 days, or seven days if fully vaccinated.

There are different testing requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Anyone on board flights in the fifth row onwards, or at Crispi Creme Adelaide Airport between 10.40 and 11.20 on Wednesday, must immediately be tested and quarantined until negative.

It came after a young Victorian girl visited her grandparents from Adelaide in South Australia, the first case of Covid-19 since borders reopened amid warnings that the state is facing “uncharted waters.”

The six-year-old, who is healthy, asymptomatic, but not eligible for an injection, left the small border town of Nhill, nearly 80 kilometers east of South Africa, within hours of its opening in the eastern states on Tuesday.

The CA Covid health chief said that the girl only visited her fully vaccinated grandparents in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, which means a low risk for any infection in the population.

Chief Physician of Health Prof. Nicola Spurrier previously reported that Advertiser Readers During Chat, it was “inevitable” when outbreaks would occur in SA, but contact tracing would stop the out-of-control clusters.

She also expressed hope that vaccinations for children under 12 will be approved before the start of the school year in 2022.

At a press briefing late Wednesday night, Professor Spurrier warned that the state was entering “uncharted waters,” but urged people not to worry.

She said that a girl who was in the early stages of infection was not considered community transmission.

“It’s no surprise that we have a case of Covid here,” said Professor Spurrier, who predicts the state’s first case will be a child who appears within hours of the border opening.

“I think she’s okay, but she’s probably a little sad that she can’t kiss and hug.

“She is returning across the border … and I hope when she recovers, she will come back here to see her relatives again.”

Infectious Disease Control investigators are confident that the family – the child’s vaccinated mother and his brother, who was also under 12 years old – only stopped once for the toilet, but Professor Spurrier declined to say where exactly due to the lack of a public threat.

A family that was among over 75,500 travel applications to South Africa. since borders collapsed after 153 dayswere quarantined at home in Victoria on Wednesday night.

The two grandparents are also in isolation for the next seven days. This is the first local case in six weeks. Another Victorian man is considered an old contagion.

Professor Spurrier, who allowed travelers to leave the quarantine they entered before the borders opened, wants at least 800 daily tests to be assured of Covid in South Africa.

She said the little girl arrived yesterday with her family when her mother received a text message from Victoria Health stating that the child was a close contact of a confirmed case in Victoria.

On the final leg of their 350-kilometer journey from western Victoria, the family was tested at Tailem Bend but traveled to Adelaide. Professor Spurrier said the mother had done nothing wrong.

“This is not a cause for concern – everyone who has come into contact with this case is now in quarantine,” said Professor Spurrier.

“What we need to remember is that we know what to do and we’ve been through this before.

“We know what we did last year and it saved us. We now have vaccinations. I don’t think people should be worried. ”

Professor Spurrier reported a spike in testing yesterday, with nearly 7,000 Covid tests on Tuesday up from 4,698 on Monday – a level that has remained unchanged for the past six weeks.

According to legal guidelines, all travelers entering the state must be tested 72 hours before travel, including children.

The latest Commonwealth data show that 79 percent of adults over 16 are fully vaccinated, and 87.9 percent have received their first dose of the vaccine.

Prime Minister Stephen Marshall said the authorities are ready.

“As Nicola Spurrier always said, ‘you cannot get rid of this disease.’ But we tried to do it on our terms, ”he said.

SA borders opened to the eastern states on Tuesday, 153 days later. And with Christmas approaching, the Advertiser has compiled all the most up-to-date rules for traveling between the various states of Australia during this Christmas period.

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