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Saints Michael Thomas is going to prove all his haters wrong in 2021


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If you ask a group of random people on the street who is the best receiver in the National Football League, you’ll probably get a wide range of different answers. Green Bay’s Davante Adams will probably get some votes. DeAndre Hopkins of Arizona will also do. Tyrek Hill, Stephen Diggs, Justin Jefferson, Mike Evans – I wouldn’t be surprised to hear any of those receivers top the fan list. The similarity of opinion on the matter is much greater than it was just a year ago. Before the 2020 season, there was only one real answer to that question: New Orleans Saints’ Michael Thomas.

Thomas broke the all-time reception record in 2019 by catching 149 passes for 1725 yards and nine touchdowns. #Cantguardmike was trending on Twitter whenever Michael Thomas did anything on the football field, and after the season ended, he was named. AP Offensive Player of the Year. Keep in mind, this was also the year San Francisco’s George Kittel became the people’s tight end, and broke Tight and Receiving Yards Record. This Was the Same Year Carolina’s Christian McCaffrey Just Became third Going back in NFL history to record 1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards in a single season. And don’t forget about breaking Lamar Jackson Quarterback Season Rushing Record All while leading the NFL in touchdown passes. Yet despite those other landmark performances, it was largely a given that Thomas was the one to walk away with the hardware. He was so above and beyond his competition that anyone who received the award was almost immeasurable.

Still, there were haters lurking in the Twitter-sphere.

The narrative surrounding Michael Thomas was no longer about whether he was the best receiver in the game. Now it was up to whether Michael Thomas was able to effectively steer a path other than a peek.

I am not here to promote the slander of Michael Thomas. I know he is a great receiver. There have been many studies about them tendency to drive It shows that he is much more than a “merely-slanting” man. That being said, there are still thousands of NFL fans who believe that Michael Thomas is nothing more than a one-trick pony – a “slant boy” if you.

we know thomas is not very kindfor that surname. Star Receiver Sewed After Getting Into A wrangling with your partner, Security Malcolm Jenkins, Jenkins called Thomas a “slant boy” in practice. that was endless ridicule With that nickname after recording zero catches against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the playoffs last season. But can you really hold people accountable for this assessment? After all, someone who truly considered Thomas a hoax in 2019 would look for any signs of regression the following season, and they got plenty of it. Thomas recorded lowest point of his career In both reception and catch rate per game in 2020. Not to mention, Thomas also lost several games due to injury and the aforementioned physical altercation with Malcolm Jenkins. Thomas had the opportunity to silence everyone in 2020 to string together another incredible season. Instead, he had the worst season of his career.

Now, just 99 days until the start of the next NFL season, Michael is without Thomas. Hall of Fame Quarterback He’s had his entire career, he’s still being called the “slant guy” all over social media, and he’s going to prove that it was 2020, not 2019, that was temporary.

When Thomas broke the reception record in 2019, more than a third of the passes caught that season were out of Teddy Bridgewater’s hands. Thomas In the five games he played without Breeze in 2019, Thomas averaged around 8.5 receptions and 110 yards per game. Both of these points are higher than Thomas’ average during that entire season. While Jameis Winston certainly leaves a lot to be desired in the accuracy department, he was consistently near the top of the league in intended air yards per pass attempt while in Tampa second in the league in both 2018 and 2019). That style of play wouldn’t suit someone who especially skewers very well. Now, it is likely that Winston’s time learning Sean Peyton’s system under Drew Brees may have changed Winston’s playing style to be more conservative, but it is still highly unlikely that Winston played the ball. Thrown less often than Breeze. Theoretically, Winston’s presence at the center should give Thomas more opportunity to demonstrate that he is capable of driving deep passages.

As I said earlier, I believe Michael Thomas is one of the most impressive receivers in the league when he is healthy. He is not a one-sided man. Actually, after the 2019 season when next generation statistics Looking at their advanced receiving metrics for each of the eight common root trees (cross, go, post, out, corner, out, slant, and hitch), they determined that Michael Thomas was the top route-runner in four of the eight categories. Were: Cross, out, hitch, and…yes, oblique. And if Michael Thomas was just a ‘slant-only’ receiver, what’s wrong with that? If you throw your knuckleball 90 percent of the time you would not call a knuckleballer a cheat. No one ever called Mariano Rivera a fraud for throwing cutters on every pitch. If a batsman is unable to hit that pitch, he needs to adjust. Likewise, if a defensive back or defensive coordinator can’t stop Michael Thomas from racking up 100 yards per game on oblique routes, they must be good.

Without Jared Cook, Drew Brees and Emmanuel Sanders in 2021, the New Orleans Saints will have to rely heavily on Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara to carry the offense. I hope Winston and Tessam Hill continue to look like Thomas. Many people may be ignoring Thomas – thinking it’s impossible for him to repeat what he did in 2019. I agree with them. It’s nearly impossible for Thomas to repeat what he did that year, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be one of the best receivers in the game. If Thomas really wants to get rid of that “skewed guy” label, he’ll have to do a lot more in 2021 than in 2020, and considering how much he hates that name, I’m willing to bet . Will show


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