May 6, 2021


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Sam Billings from Delhi Capitals, Chris Morris returns home

IPL 2021 Commentary: Sam Billings from Delhi Capitals, Chris Morris leaves the vital bubble to go home

IPL 2021 Commentary: Sam Billings of Delhi Capitals and Chris Morris left for home Bio-Bubble – After the IPL 2021 tournament was postponed, foreign players began to return home from the same Tuesday. According to the report, two Delhi Capital players, Sam Billings and Chris Wox, are ready to go to England. Where they will have to spend 10 days in quarantine in the place specified by their government.

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However, Sam Billings and Chris Wox are not the only English cricketers who have returned home. The other nine cricketers in the tournament – Ewen Morgan, Jose Butler, Sam and Tom Karan, Moein Ali, Johnny Burstow, Chris Jordan, Jason Roy and David Malan – will also be returning home after four days because they had two COVID-19 negative. To travel to Britain, test results must be taken.

According to the Daily Mail, other people are finalizing their travel arrangements. The return of the remaining English players will depend on their franchisees as they arrange for the players to return with BCCI.
IPL 2021 Commentary: The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) will require players to undergo several negative COVID tests to be eligible for the flight.

“We are in close contact with our players and staff in India as arrangements have been made for them to return safely to their countries after the Indian Premier League was postponed this morning,” the European Central Bank said in a statement.

“The European Central Bank understood BCCI’s decision to postpone the competition for the sake of the safety and well-being of these people, and its commitment to do everything within its scope to provide safe and secure passage for all contest participants.” Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “Our thoughts remain with the people of India during these difficult times.”

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IPL 2021 Commentary: One of the England players stranded in India is Chris Jordan from Punjab Kings. The multi-level bowler said he was still awaiting confirmation of his travel arrangements.