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San Marino is the first European country to offer a ‘vaccination break’


San Marino on Monday will be the first country in Europe to offer visitors to the so-called “Vacation Vacation” program for visitors.

“There is currently no cholera virus in the hospital” and the nation has been able to launch a campaign to invite tourists to be vaccinated against the virus by providing additional vaccines in the pipeline. Reuters Reports

Two sizes of Japanese-made Japanese Tourists charge € 15 (£ 12.90) and are “preparing for the country’s plans to issue a vaccination certificate for residents and tourists,” the news agency added.

Vacation Vacation Schedule “will be available for a three-night stay in San Marino after each 21-day shooting.” The Brussels toy book of the policy Says.

The decision by San Marino to order the Russian vaccine would put Italy in complete conflict with the microscope. He had initially “appealed to Italy” for the vaccine, but had not received anything for weeks and was planning to travel to Russia in February.

It is not a member of the EU with a small seaport. Not yet verified for Sputnik V. However, the EU regulator is under review by the European Medicines Agency.

as a Oxford-Astrazanne Vaccination, Sputnik V is based on the standard version of the corneal virus, which is “adapted to carry genetic instructions to bring down the coronavirus speed protein”; The guard Says. The vaccine is effective at 91.6%, based on validated numbers starting 21 days after the first dose. Lancet.

as if Press release The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which is responsible for marketing the vaccine overseas, said it was ready to provide additional Spotnik Vine to San Marino to support the vaccination program.

“RDIF is ready to provide additional immunization supplies to coordinate vaccination tourism,” said CEO Kirill Dmitryv.

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