Sarah Snook on Succession, Shiv and Finding Love in Lockdown

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Aussie star Sarah Snook opens up about her role in TV’s biggest hit, Succession, flies around in private jets and marries her “best friend” during the pandemic.

Australian actress Sarah Snook is considering the big differences in her own life with the one on her alter-ego on screen, Shiv Roy, the ambitious only daughter of billionaire media mogul Logan Roy (Brian Cox) in the hit series Succession.

“In my life, I do not fling around in private jets or vacations in villas or live in high-rise buildings. I have a great view at the moment but HBO is paying for it, ”laughs Snook, gesturing to the vast Manhattan skyline behind her.

“This is not me, so it really helps to get into character – certainly to have nice clothes and be around helicopters.”

Snook says that access to the built-in trust that comes from growing up with extreme wealth also helps her embody Shiv’s character.

“One of the things I’ll always loved about Shiv is that she always feels she deserves to be in any room,” Snook told News Corp in an interview in New York.

“And part of becoming the character as an actor is to have access to these spaces and go, in fact, I beg that I should be here right now so well, I will also take it as a character. What an experience and what a luxury to go and see these amazing places – to be on a luxury yacht in Croatia, I never thought I would be allowed to do it as a child. ”

Now, after a year-long covid-induced delay, Shiv and the rest of the ruthless Roy clan are back when Succession returns for its long-awaited third season.

The new season begins when the Roy family deals with the fallout of Kendall’s (Jeremy Strong) magnificent betrayal / victory over his father (depending on how you look at these things) as he tries to remove the aging mogul from the family media company, Waystar Royco.

The show has received a legion of dedicated fans, desperate to see which family member will stab each other in the back next. Snook says that family tensions are the very core of Succession’s appeal.

“It’s a family drama in the end,” she says. It is a family that is very prosperous and has problems that some of us will never experience such as flying around in private jets and helicopters. But in the end, it’s a family drama about a sister, three brothers and a father who struggle to show their love and affection for them and all those who struggle for his attention. It is a universal story about the family. ”

And while they may be able to trade brutal barbs on screen, Snook’s fictional family shines in praise of the Emmy-nominated Aussie.

“I think Sarah Snook is unbeatable, completely unbeatable,” says Brian Cox, who plays Snook’s emotionally distant billionaire father, Logan.

“What a talented actress and funny and wise and very smart, cruelly intelligent and just a joy to play with. I always look forward to our scenes together – we always have fantastic scenes and we love working with each other. She’s really talented, Sarah. I can not think of anyone better, she is absolutely incredible. I love her, she’s wonderful. ”

“Sarah is happiness,” adds Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Snook’s man on screen, the unhappy Tom. “She is a wonderful actress and a wonderful person. I am very lucky to have her as my pretend wife. ”

“Snook surprises me, man,” adds Kieran Culkin, who plays the actress on screen brother Roman. “I often forget that she is Australian because she improvises with an American accent and it is flawless. Later she shows me pictures of her house in Australia and I hear this accent coming out and it’s like, “Oooh”, he laughs. It’s like, ‘F *** ing you! Where did you come from? ‘ She is very, very impressive. ”

But fans have had to wait a while to see Roy do it again; The show’s season two finale was shown two years ago, just months before the world was turned upside down by the pandemic.

One year later – in November 2020 – production finally started again.

“It was difficult – we shot at the height of the pandemic in New York – however, there were many thousands of cases per day and we shot unvaccinated in a crowded room with extra features and often had to be masked because that was what our characters were doing,” Snook recalls.

“It was high anxiety and a lot of stress but at the same time we managed to pull it off and really went together and doubled what Succession is and went together to create something that we are really proud of.”

Snook says she spent most of 2020 “stuck in Melbourne” before returning to New York to shoot the show. She returned home after shooting in August.

“I’m about to go back to Australia for quarantine for the same amount of time I had left, so it’s going to be fine,” she laughs. “Cool!”

However, there was a bonus to being locked at home in 2020 – Snook fell in love and married Melbourne comedian Dave Lawson.

“I was locked up in Melbourne with one of my best friends and we fell in love. We have been friends since 2014, lived together, traveled together, always happy to be seen, but completely platonic. We have never been single at the same time. I proposed and we got married in February in my backyard, Snook tells Vogue in a new interview.

“It has been a ride. There is so much heartache and sorrow in the world, but on a micro-personal level, I have been very lucky. There is a really wonderful grace in that without the pandemic we might not have ended up together so quickly. ”

And although Snook has found her own happiness, she says she kind of hopes Shiv “never does”.

“Dealing with that baggage as a character is not fun, but dealing with that baggage, as an actor is brilliant, it creates complexity and interest and that’s where all the juice lies for me,” she says.

“I do not know what will happen to Shiv or what was supposed to happen – maybe I was supposed to die in the first season, who knows? I’m still here, I’m still kicking, ”she laughs. “Only.”

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