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Sarajevo TV Award; Sundance London line-up; Lars von Trier Series Cast – Deadline


Sarajevo presented the TV Award
Sarajevo Film Festival Specifically increasing the TV visibility of its program this year with the introduction of the Heart of Sarajevo award for the series. The Heart of Sarajevo is the major prize of the Fest and is usually given to the winner of the film competition, with the filmmakers being awarded Honorary Hearts. The Series Awards will cover several categories: Best Drama Series, Best Comedy, Best Series Producer, Best Actress, Best Actor and Rising Star. TV dramas and comedies that premiered between September 1, 2019 and May 31, 2021 from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Slovenia will be eligible for the awards, selected by online voting Will go Sarajevo has been highlighting regional TV series for years through its industry-focused CineLink program, while its Avant Premiere program presents the first EPs of choice Besa, Black Sun, The Group, The Paper, and Lake. “With new awards for TV series, the festival honors the work and achievements of television series writers and producers and reaffirms our commitment to being a place of discovery, development and promotion of high-quality audiovisual content, Jovan Marjanovic, Head of Industry, Sarajevo Film Festival.

Sundance London set up the program
The 2021 edition of the Sundance Film Festival: London has unveiled its schedule, with 15 feature films set to travel to the Brit offshoot of Park City Fest. Festival kicks off with UK premiere of Edgar Wright documentary The Sparks Brothers and Janicza Bravo’s. with Zola. Also on the list: Sundance winners coda; mass; home; human factors; together; sensor; Misha and the Wolves; writing with fire; the most handsome boy in the world; in the same breath; first meeting; and Blazing world. The event runs July 29 – August 1 at Picturehouse Central.

Trier. from larsAdds Cast Of ‘The Kingdom’
Lars Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Lai Kaas join the cast of Lars von Triers empire, The third installment in his Hospital series which is returning after a hiatus of 20+ years. The pair join a previously announced cast including Bodil Jorgensen, Geeta Norby, Nicolas Broe, Soren Pilmark and Peter Maiegind. More information about the series can be found in our previous article here.

decanalog ‘dog’ buys
special: Gotham-based distributor Decanalog has picked up the Romanian drama dogs and added the title to its 2021 slate. There has never been a US deal with the film before. It first premiered in the Un Certain Regard section of Cannes in 2016. It follows a man who returns to the land he inherited from his grandfather. Deciding to completely sell this vast but desolate property, he was warned by the local police that his grandfather was a local criminal and that his people would not let the land go. It was directed by Bogdan Mirika. BAC Films handles the sales.

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