Home Entertainment Saving the last Polaroid factory: ‘An Impossible Project’ Dock Trailer

Saving the last Polaroid factory: ‘An Impossible Project’ Dock Trailer


Saving the last Polaroid factory: ‘An Impossible Project’ Dock Trailer

By Alex Billington
May 13, 2021
Source: YouTube

“Everything is zero and not one.” Bohemia Media and Trinity Creative have released an official trailer for a documentary titled An impossible project, About the “impossible” effort to save Polaroid and rebuild a remaining Polaroid factory. You probably know the story – it first started in 2006 when Kodak said they would stop making all Polaroid movies. In a world that is zero and under one, fancy scientists Florian “Doc” Cups Analog’s efforts to preserve the future and inspire people to connect with “real” things. His Crusade began with an impossible mission: to save the last Polaroid factory. “Glorious Kodak 35mm and Jack Taty shot with a stylistic node, An impossible project A warm, fun and inspiring celebration of the counter-revolution: the return of ‘Analog’ is a “what a funny story!” Reviews describe it as “an insightful and beautifully captured documentary” and a “talent film about optimism”.

The official trailer (+ poster) of Jens Mueller’s document is here An impossible projectDirectly from YouTube:

Poster of an impossible project

The film focuses on the modern-day Don Quixote, the Florian “Doc” Cups, and the story of his crusade to protect and preserve the analog world, which began almost entirely with the film and camera company Polaroid. The free Viennese biologist risked his life to save the world’s career and the world’s last Polaroid factory. Repeatedly stated that this mission is impossible and has faced obstacles at every corner, including the discovery that the Polaroid formula was unexpectedly lost, the inevitable “dock” is ahead. Jens Muir’s film An Impossible Project delivers nostalgia from the beginning as a lovingly far-sighted move from a seemingly impossible project to the next. An impossible project Directed by a German filmmaker / producer Jens Murar, Doc is the director of the film Egoli: My South African home movie, Enemy of the people, And Jauberberg, As well as a producer on many more shorts and many other docs. It had its first premiere at the Docs against the Gravity Film Festival last year. Bohemia Media and Trinity Creative will debut An impossible project + VOD will start in selected US theaters June 1, 2021. For more information, watch the movie Official website.

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