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Scientists warn of need to speed up second jabs in England; France opens vaccines to all; The death toll in Peru nearly tripled after review – as it happened. world News


The proposals to start a text-based discussion on an IP exemption instead of more general talks gained traction at an informal meeting of the Council on IP Rights (TRIPS) on Trade-Related Aspects of the World Trade Organization Agreement, the official said. said.

However, some member states “continue to express doubts about the facility to initiate negotiations and ask for more time to analyze the proposal”, the official said.

These included the European Union, as well as Australia, Brazil, Britain, Japan, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Taiwan.

Agreements in the World Trade Organization require the unanimous support of all 164 member states.

India And South Africa came forward with the original idea. He has submitted a revised proposal, which currently has the explicit support of 63 World Trade Organization members.

The business official said differences continued over the question of whether, and to what extent, IP security was preventing the goal of defeating the epidemic, and about the use and potential improvement of existing resilience within TRIPS terms.

Questions were also raised on the period and expiry of the proposed exemption, the official said.

The trade official said Pakistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia and Kenya were among the countries that expressed the need to initiate talks.

The TRIPS Council will hold an informal meeting on June 8-9, when the members will step up their positions.


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