Scott Morrison removed disability from Phase 1a of vaccine rollout

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Former Labor leader Bill Shorten drew the public’s attention to a major lack of vaccine development that left people with disabilities worse off.

The government “secretly” removed “people with disabilities from the top of the Covid-19 vaccine priority list ahead of nationwide expansion, according to former Labor leader Bill Shorten.

Mr Shorten, the shadow minister for government services and the National Disability Insurance Scheme, shared the shock revelation in a tweet on Tuesday.

“The Senate has now heard the Morrison government secretly removed people with disabilities from the 1st Vaccine Priority Group without explanation,” he wrote.

“Now they can not even say how many disabled people have been vaccinated. A vaccine flash should have started. Where is it?”

It came after the Royal Commission on Disability’s draft report, released on Monday, found that the Ministry of Health’s prioritization of elderly care housing in March saw vaccination of people in housing for the disabled stopped, ABC reported.

This was despite the fact that both groups were planned to be included in phase 1a of the vaccine expansion.

News of people with disabilities who supported the gender caused outrage among Twitter users, including comedian Adam Hills, who was born without a right foot and wears a prosthesis.

Hills Retweeted Mr Shorten’s tweet with the simple addition “Wtf?”

“It is completely disgusting. But not surprisingly. Not least, commented another.

“Yes, this is happening in Australia in 2021. Something is fundamentally wrong with our society if that is how we treat our most vulnerable. This country needs a good, hard look at itself. Scary, ‚ÄĚsomeone else added.

The Royal Commission’s report, which described the launch as “seriously deficient”, made 17 findings and seven recommendations to address three main issues.

The first was that the Ministry of Health had not consulted people with disabilities, disability support, disabled representatives and service providers at “critical points” in the expansion.

It also found that there was a clear lack of transparency from the Ministry of Health when it came to people with disabilities being given priority from phase 1a in the expansion.

Finally, it found that information was not provided in an accessible form, which means that people with disabilities risk serious illness if they became infected.

A spokesman for Health Minister Greg Hunt turned off reports that people with disabilities had been supported at the top of the priority list.

They said that people with disabilities continue to be a priority and that the vaccine on NDIS participants 16 and over in shared housing had a 66 percent double vaccination rate – more than the country’s current 52 percent.

Originally published as People with disabilities encountered phase 1a of vaccine development when elderly care was given priority


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