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Scott Thug jailed for strangling mother and threatening to ‘dissolve’ in bath


a son who tried to suffocate motherHe was sentenced to four and a half years in prison, calling him a vagabond and vowing to “victimize him”.

Joshua Garroch turns on Angela Law at his home in Barterholm Road, paisley, on March 6 last year.

The 23-year-old was initially killed while Angela was on Video Call her sister.

A judge heard how Garroch was trying to kill his mother in the attacks and was threatening to kill her.

Garroch was back in the courtroom yesterday, having previously blamed Angela for assault for his injury and threat to life.

She was at the High Court in Glasgow to see her son being sentenced.

His lawyer described how the pair were “concerned” about trying to rectify the situation between them.

Lady Stacey said to Garroche: “I know your mother is present.

“He is here to support you and you are lucky in that.

“The relationship between you and him has deteriorated.

“Your upbringing was not the best in life.

“The age you are now… you’ve been derailed for years and it’s time to stop.

“Now you’re moving into proper adulthood, that’s all.”

Garroch would be monitored for another year upon his release.

Prosecutor Sheena Fraser last month described how a dispute broke out over a mobile phone.

Angela made a video call to her sister in Manchester.

Miss Fraser said: “During this conversation, Garroch attacked his mother by grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to the floor.

“Then he repeatedly kicked her in the face and body as she was screaming for him to stop.”

Angela’s shocked sister overheard the attack and called the police in Manchester, who alerted colleagues here.

When the officials arrived, no complaint was made.

But later that night Angela called the police while her “angry” son could be heard in the background.

Miss Fraser explained: “Once the call ended, Garroch again attacked her mother with a pillow and pushed her to her face causing her to have difficulty breathing.

“He yelled at her ‘IF*****G HATE YOU’.”

Police arrived again and found Angela with a black eye and a swollen face. He told how his son was responsible.

After he was caught, he said: “I wish I had stamped the head of that tramp.

“He is lucky he didn’t get the double stump.

“F*****g I wish I had put a pillow on his head.

“I will kill him and cause him pain.”

He was later granted bail by a sheriff but in October last year he flouted the order by returning to his mother.

On one occasion, Angela stated that she loves her son, but admits that she is also “afraid” of him.

The Raging Garroch replied: “You’re lucky because next time I’m going to shower you, I’ll bite and dissolve you.”

A distressed Angela ran away from her home and called the police for help.

Garroch admitted to breaching bail last month as well as behaving in a threatening and abusive manner.

In defense, Geoffrey Forbes said yesterday: “She looks forward to repairing relations with her mother when she is released.

“She’s looking forward to doing the same.”

Lady Stacey said the prison sentence would have been six years, but for guilty pleas.


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