Scottish Election 2021 for Glasgow Kelvin’s friendly match and first to secure the safety of St. Reds


There are no more startups in Scottish politics anymore but we will probably see one by Saturday afternoon.

The race in the Kelvin constituency of Glasgow – which covers most of the city center as well as the westwest – is set to become a two-horse race between Scottish Greens’ co-leader Patrick Harvey and SNP’s Kaab Astar.

So why is the race important?

If Harvey wins, he will become the first green candidate to win a seat in Scotland – but if Stewart is elected, she will become the first woman behind Muslim or BAME.

The SP Sandra White (retired and not re-elected) won the seat in 2016 a 4,048 majority. Greens, who finished second five years ago, now feel they have a real chance of winning the seat.

The Caucasus star is out in Glasgow with former Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon

Stuart and Harvey face off against Pam Duncan-Glassi of Liberia, Graham Canal for Torres and Lib Dems against David McKenzie.

This is not the first time that Schwartz has risen to prominence in Scottish politics. Back in 1999, she ran against Donald Diwar in the former Glasgow Anisland seat, which lost 10,993 votes.

In 2010, she defeated Aristotle Darlene, a Member of Parliament, in the south-west of Edinburgh, finishing fourth behind Toris and Lib Dems.

What are the housing issues in Kelvin, Glasgow?

Both candidates recognize housing and rent-related issues in the constituency, which includes urban centers such as Anderson and retail outlets such as Highland.

Harvey: “Kelvin and the West and the Leopard have a misconception that this is a rich, prosperous environment.

But it is very mixed, very diverse, and you have a lot of people selling quality housing in the private rental sector, even in the heart of the so-called West End.

Those people are young people, but they can be families, and ownership is a destination for them, social housing is not available to them, so they are stuck in a well-regulated private rental sector where they can be forced to pay more than they pay a mortgage.

That means simply pocketing someone else’s money or taking someone else’s pension.

We have found a housing market that does not work for our people in this constituency.

“The SNP has been very willing to support the purpose-built student dormitory, especially for the most affordable or inaccessible, student-rent model, which contributes widely and contributes to inflation.

Stuart agrees that students are facing exorbitant prices.

She said: “Housing, there seems to be a pressure point. Student accommodation seems to be overcrowded but we lack social housing. This Sandra has already done a lot of work with councilors.

Students are being asked to pay a higher price for accommodation.

What we need to do is make sure there is adequate rental accommodation in the private sector and in the community. That eases the stress a little.

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What do the candidates say about COP26?

Stuart is looking forward to welcoming Kelvin to the Glasgow International COP26 Climate Conference In November in the SEC.

She said, “I think we have had a great time with COP26, but I want to have some old projects that we just don’t want to grow at that time.

I know it’s for SWG3 investment, that’s amazing.

It worked really well on Kelvin Way (accompanied by pedestrians when it was locked). I want to see more of the aviation model.

The world is coming to Glasgow for COP26 in November
The world is coming to Glasgow for COP26 in November

“I want to see that network model when it comes to Archele Street, where it is completely overgrown with trees, hiking trails, bicycles, and traffic. It is doing more than just mixing.

Harvey also eagerly awaited the Glasgow.

He said: “People in this constituency have always been concerned about climate change, and there is a strong bond in this community that we are endangered both locally and internationally.

The opportunity to see a sudden emergency response at the negotiating table in this constituency is truly exciting. I think it’s an important opportunity.

What do the candidates think of the St. Reds contest?

Stuart says he is looking forward to the race with Harvey but says it will not be taken lightly.

She said: “I’m standing on Donald Trump, I’m standing on Alistair Darlene, so it’s good. So I will not be upset with Patrick.

“I was meeting my coffee buddy for coffee – who’s going to find Patrick Harvin. We made a good noise, but it was funny in front of people passing by. We don’t take anything for granted in Glasgow Kelvin.”

Patrick Harvey wants to get a top spot in Kelvin in Glasgow
Patrick Harvey wants to get a top spot in Kelvin in Glasgow

Harvey, for his part, said: “This is the first time we have entered a run-off election. It is a fact that the MSP stands and we are in a high position. Candidate, compared to the other parties, yes, we give him our best.

“I think a lot of people in this constituency are very cautious when the climate conference comes here this year. We hope we will elect the first constituency Green MSP.” .

“Glasgow has a culture of voting for a slightly more radical voice, and Glasgow’s West and Glasgow Kelvin are a very diverse, creative and vibrant part of the city.

What are the transportation issues for Kelvin in Glasgow?

Reducing the number of bicycle lanes in the constituency to reduce pollution is what both candidates want most.

“If we want to find green connected journeys, such as cycle lines, he is trying to see that big picture and people have to leave their comfort zone,” Starr said.

The issue of transportation is a big issue, especially with the known zones on Byres Road and Hope Road, and that is happening again and again. People still know about their health and noticed a big difference when there were no big cars when they were locked up. Way

Air and pollution were very low at the time of the lock and we were seeing a lot of traffic on the road.

Harvey cyclists also want to see more resistance to pollution.

I live in a party, and this is one of the most polluted things in the city, not only for years but also for decades.

In Glasgow, Kelvin Way was taken on foot during the first lockout
In Glasgow, Kelvin Way was taken on foot during the first lockout

We will not solve it without changing the transportation policy. This is the kind of investment we need to see in cycling.

“Greensis was very active in challenging the council for its original road development plans, which did not include separate bicycle lanes, and now those plans include separate bicycle lanes, separating the work of Greens and others.

We had less success on the university road. Again, it is not a safe route for cyclists right now and it will not be because the University of Glasgow has dug its heels.

“We have to make sure that our entire transportation network is safe for people to walk on wheels. And reducing traffic is part of that.”

How important is the student’s choice to the greens?

All three Glasgow universities are located in the Kelvin constituency.

The student’s voice is an old-fashioned demographic. But could Harvey’s chances at home be affected by the large number of undergraduate students off campus currently facing the epidemic?

He said: “This is an interesting and little-known issue.

Over the years, there have been changes in the design of how many students will enroll and stay in other parts of Scotland during their stay here.

Expanding the right to vote means that everyone living legally in Scotland has the right to vote and we are working to encourage people who have not previously had the right to vote to leave.

The University of Glasgow is located in the Kelvin region of Glasgow
The University of Glasgow is located in the Kelvin region of Glasgow

What does Stuart want to focus on?

“We found a lot of small businesses near the Finniston Strip and some were able to go there,” Stuart said.

They are opening but they are very different. They are getting the first number of customers, but after the city center opened, they noticed a drop in sales and a foothold.

“Education is a big thing for me and I am very proud of some of the commitments made by the SNP. If I am selected, I would be very happy to see the extension of the offer.”



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