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Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross says SNP’s Indyref2 bill is not a start.


Douglas Ross SNP He said he could pour in effectively Forum Second Independence referendum without Westminster approval.

The leader of the Scottish Tory has said that the Scottish government will not allow its own legal advisers to come to Stroud because of its own legal powers.

He said Law Officers, the Lord’s Advocate and the Prime Minister’s Legal Adviser could not agree with the law, which is clearly outside the scope of the Scottish Parliament.

“She has already taken many steps to disrupt the affairs of her own party,” accused Nicolas Sturgeon.

Scottish ministers can only introduce a bill to Stroud with a statement that it is within the scope of the law – and the Ministerial Code requires that such a statement be cleared by law enforcement.

Ms. Sturgeon Indyref2 said that by 2024, Coved should be allowed and by 2026 she wanted independence.

If the UK government forbids Holyrood to legally hold Indyref2, I have enacted a law in Holyrood without the UK government’s permission, and he said the Johnson government would be able to effectively challenge a senior UK official. Court.

The Holyroood election, which was won by SNP last week, was won by the SNP and Greens SSP, a pro-independence group. Scotland Law

Two such requests have already been rejected by the UK government – one by Theresa May and one by Boris Johnson – and Mr. Ross has rejected a third.

“He [the PM] It is clear that he does not support another independence referendum, but we must focus on ourselves Economy, And so I keep that section 30 order [request], And to obtain similar attempts to request a Section 30 order from Nicola Sturgeon. ”

In 1998, the Scottish Law was established in Table 5, stating that the union between Scotland and the United Kingdom was a matter for Westminster only.

Mr Ross said the advocate of the Lord could not pass an independent St.Reft referendum bill beyond the legislative capacity of parliament.

Asked if the law could be an obstacle to getting such a law off the ground, the Lord said: “There are procedures in the Scottish Government that need to be looked at only when both laws are in place. Scottish Parliament

“If the Advocate does not believe in the competence of the Scottish Government or the Scottish Parliament, he is the Prime Minister and Senior Legal Adviser to the Government of Scotland, and in fact he is a member of the Scottish Government Cabinet.

“So his role, or any change, who is there, is very important. In fact, they have Scottish law that is based on their decisions in terms of what the Scottish government can and cannot do.”

He continued: “Nicolas Sturgeon is waging a war that she believes will force the UK government to take this Scottish government to court.

But let’s look at what the law of Scotland and the Scottish Parliament and Government say in their own capacity.

I think Nikola Sturgeon is now taking a number of steps in the future to avoid distractions from her own party and to reaffirm the frustration of many SNP members.

Another referendum is not within the capacity of the Scottish Parliament.

“In 2014 we had a gold standard, which complied with the Class 30 order.

I look forward to an order from the Office of the Advocate for the Government of Scotland to support what the government cannot and cannot do.

In the eyes of the responsible minister, Bill is competent.

Ministerial law requires that such statements be cleared by law enforcement. ”

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